Report: They’re Making A New Pokémon Game Starring Pikachu

Report: They’re Making A New Pokémon Game Starring Pikachu

Pikachu, I choose you! For a starring role in the next Pokémon game, that is.

Later this month, Japanese broadcaster NHK is airing a profile on Pokémon Company honcho Tsunekazu Ishihara. The profile will feature, of course, interviews with Ishihara as well as provide an exclusive look at the company.

But there’s more: According to the NHK site, work began earlier this year on a new Pokémon title, which stars Pikachu.

Wonder if it’s heading to Nintendo hardware or, gasp, smartphones…

Photo: TV Tokyo

第215回 2013年10月28日(月) 放送予定 [NHK]


  • Why would it head to smartphones? Nintendo aren’t idiots, they wouldn’t jeopardise sales to their own consoles.

  • Let’s ignore the most interesting part of this news, which is that the game apparently changes Pikachu in some way that the director fears might make fans unhappy, and that the game is “unprecedented” meaning it probably won’t be a sequel to an existing spin-off.

    • Pikachu’s Pokepark Adventure? – Pikachu has taken a job as a park ranger…and he wears a sombrero
      Pikachu’s Pokemon Snap? – Pikachu is now a photographer….also he’s orange, more dragon like and shoots fire rather than electricity…

  • I wonder how they will pull off the ‘dark and gritty reboot because everyone else is doing it and we want to be cool too’ thing

  • I just had a great idea. Pokemon Snap using the WiiU Gamepads gyroscope. Have you tried it out with the panoramic video trailer or streetview? It’s really good. Imagine going through Pokemon Snap with that thing!

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