Sonic The Hedgehog's Getting A New TV Show Next Year

Sonic Boom — a CGI cartoon described as Sonic and Tails' "never-ending search for adventure" — will be debuting on Cartoon Network in the spring of 2014. It's being produced by Genao Productions. Full details here.


    Oh god, Knuckles! What have they done to you?

      why make Knuckles look like a roid junky and Sonic has a V-shape torso and weird little spines added

    The 'boom' is the sound of what little respect Sonic had exploding.

    Actually the only bit that I've cringed about is 'cg'
    But looking at the production company it looks like they have the chops for it.

    Why, dear god, why? I used to like Sonic until I saw first saw him in cartoon form. From that point on, I was firmly Team Robotnik.

    It's like Beware the Batman all over again, which actually turned out to be pretty good, still the character design was pretty jarring at first

    You can do anything with enough steroids

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