Street Fighter II Facts That May Blow Your Mind…

Street Fighter II Facts That May Blow Your Mind…

Street Fighter II was an important video game. It was one of the very first video games I ever fell in love with, and I know I’m not alone. So many of us just have the tiniest details of Street Fighter II embedded in our consciousness. That’s what makes the Twitter feed of Akira Nishitani so fascinating…

As the original Game Director Nishitani has been filling his feed with little snippets about the creation of Street Fighter II — explanations for some of its quirks or facets of the game that were canned during development. It’s become a real treasure trove for information on the greatest fighting game ever made.

A fascinating thread over at Mugen Fighters Guild has cataloged a whole ton of these tweets and translated them. There’s some incredibly interesting nuggets…

Like the fact that Chun Li’s stockings were resprited three times before being finalised!

Yasuda-san was extremely particular about the rendering of Chun-Li’s stockings, he ended up respriting them about 3 times. And thanks to that we ran right up to the deadline and ran out of memory. We had a hard time.

This one completely blew my mind…

A random SF2 memory. A programmer told me he didn’t want the rock in Sagat’s stage being used as a landmark for Ryu’s corner traps, so he proposed having its position change randomly by a small amount. I can’t remember if that was actually implemented or not. If someone has some free time, please investigate this. Maybe it applied to the drum cans in the other stages, too? Or maybe it was in Champion Edition?

Apparently someone tested this and the rock does move. Whoa

I wonder how differently the game would have played had this mechanic been integrated:

That reminds me, in the proposal documents for SF2, it talks about special moves doing more damage the quicker you input the command, but we didn’t end up implementing that.

This one kills me because I used to think the red hadouken was something to do with the speed of the movement made. I spent way too long experimenting with this!

The red Hadoukens in the first SF2 weren’t actually a glitch, they were an intentional easter egg put in by the programmers. But I couldn’t have imagined that would eventually become the Shakunetsu Hadouken.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I recommend heading over to the Mugen Guild thread. Lots of interesting stuff there.

Akira Nishitani Speaks (SF2 Director) [Mugen Guild]


  • Awesome stuff!!!!! I remember the red hadouken theories… ‘Its a glitch’ ‘it does twice the damage’ ‘do three in a row and then win ten matches perfect then jump five times then press 1p and 2p simultenously with 10 credits in at once and it unlocks sheng long’ etc

  • I’ve never been a massive Street Fighter fan but man I love reading about Street Fighter II’s development. It’s like a band accidentally inventing a genre because their instruments were broken. There’s a real ‘we worked hard and put a lot of thought into it, but when things went wrong we just changed course and went with what worked’ vibe to just about every dev story they tell. If you were to read all this sort of behinds the scenes stuff without knowing it was Street Fighter you’d imagine it was the autopsy for the world’s buggiest game.

    • And to think that SF2 was the COD of the 16 bit/arcade era, it’s even more crazy to think about how cobbled together it was.

  • In SF2, sometimes Ryu takes absurdly high damage when dizzied. This is due to the fact that we experimented with characters taking twice as much damage when dizzy, and applied this flag to all dizzied animation frames, but forgot to remove it from one.

    I’m pretty sure it was 1 frame out of a 4 frame sequence, so it should be possible to watch the animation once Ryu’s dizzied and intentionally aim for that high damage.

    Often wondered why it didn’t work on Ken 😛

  • The original SF II had an extra moves (glitches) that only Guile could pull off.

    1) The invisible throw.

    2) Freeze

    3) Game reset

    4) Stance

    5) Golden stance

    6) Game freeze

    Many a morning, afternoon and dollar were spent on trying to perfect these moves with Guile. Just doing the invisible throw earned you the beast mode with friends! I wish i could get an arcade box of this game it was definately my favourite of the series

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