Super Mario 3D World Is A Smorgasboard Of Fun New Power-Ups

Cat Mario is Nintendo's ploy to dominate the internet. Think about it. The internet loves Mario. It also loves cats, especially when they're doing funny things. So, the feline power-up that Nintendo's iconic plumber gets in Super Mario 3D World should be prime raw material for GIF creation. And if that doesn't work, all the cool new power-ups might be enough to create tons of looping video everywhere.


    This looks fantastic. The variety of different gameplay styles may even rival Super Mario Galaxy!

    Holy crap that looks stunning - did anyone else just wanna run out and get a Wii U?

    Shit yeah! With this, and Windwaker, my WiiU will get more use in one day than it has in this entire year. And that's a literal comparison - I haven't turned it on once in 2013..

    I haven't been interested in a Mario game since Sunshine let me own and got forced to play Galaxy (of which I got bored of fairly soon in) This actually looks fun.

    I am genuinely excited about this game, more so with this vid.

    ***** it looks like complicated controls- keen to try this game out!

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