While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Big news doesn't always tend to break overnight, but every now and then we wake up to some interesting stuff. Today is one of those days!

Half-Life 3. This is the arguably the big one. The rumours are spiralling people. And not just totally made up ones by desperate, desperate human beings looking for any shred of hope for the sequel they've been waiting years for. Right now it's at fever pitch. Here is why everyone is talking about Half-Life 3.

GTA Online has been buggy. We all know that, but I think Rockstar has managed to avoid some of the flak you'd expect them to take as a result of being honest about the whole situation from the start. Anyway, Rockstar is currently working on a list of bugs, which you can check out here.

This Zelda painting really is quite spectacular. You should check it out.

Here are 35 ways to die in Grand Theft Auto V and this singing acapella guy does another Sonic song. He's basically one of my favourite things about the internet.

In Short Rockstar Posted A List Of Known GTA Online Bugs Which You Can View Here Here's Why Everyone Is Talking About Half Life 3 Today 35 Ways To Die In Grand Theft Auto V Zelda Really In One Of The Classics For An Ice World Theme This Sonic Musical Cover Is Hot As Hell


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