FTL Gets Better Next Year. That, And It's Coming To iPad

Brilliant news: In early 2014, the excellent indie starship-management game FTL will get a free "Advanced Edition" that adds all sorts of new stuff. Even better, the game will finally come to iPad, also in early 2014. Yes!

FTL: Advanced Edition [FTL]


    Damn.. looks like its only going to get harder to beat. I've pumped heaps of hours into this game and I can't seem to beat it on easy.

      Don't worry, you're not alone (well, you weren't until recently) - I was even in on the beta and put 60+ hours in to it then and still had issues and it only got harder from there! However persistence and a bit of luck (and 3 Burst Laser IIs!) eventually paid off.

      What's great about this update is that you'll be able to turn off the new features from the Options menu and play in "Classic" mode for an original experience.

        Oh nice, thanks for that extra info on the release.

        There does seem to be a lot of luck that drives your progress through this game.

          Luck is a HUGE factor. I've had several utterly doomed runs due to the fact that I never encountered opportunities to recruit any additional crew, then had them murdered by exploding bulkheads or teleporting mantis. Pure bad luck, that.

        Tip: Rushing your second shield and 30% evasion will save you LOADS on repair costs and keep you alive much easier. And also remember to jump to as many stars as possible to get dem scraps.

    Hope they release this on Android platforms.

    Note 3 represent!

    Really surprises me this wasn't on tablets yet??? It's a game perfectly suited to tablet gaming after all.

      Probably higher costs for an indie game? A lot of game creation tools are starting to support mobile now though.

        Possibly. It was a smash hit on Steam apparently. Glad they had success with it, it's a truly magnificent little game. It should do exceedingly well on the ipad (and hopefully android too, it should get as much exposure as possible)

    Personally I'd love to see an extended, 'endless' mode, with a greater ability to roam and explore the galaxy without that time pressure forcing you on.

    I am aware that this element is core to what they were going for, I'd just like to see something different which makes use of all the other brilliant elements.

      apparently there are plenty of mods for the game. Including one that removes the pursuing army.
      Haven't tried any myself so can't comment more than that.

      Between this, the new binding of isaac and watch dogs, i'm pretty set for 2014

      Absolutely. It's great as it is, but I really love the whole feel of being in command of an interstellar spacecraft. It's always so disappointing that once you start getting really powerful, the game ends and you have to start over again.

      I want to go forth and conquer more :P

        Perhaps like a 'new game plus' feature, where you finish the game, and can restart as the same ship and crew and the enemies start harder as well.
        ... Hmm then again, once you have exhausted all your ship upgrades, what are you going to have to look forward to using your scrap on?
        yeah also love this game, so many hours over such a comparatively simple game.
        Goes to show how much gameplay > graphics I think ;) Oh and sound, I think a lot of the fun in this comes from the great music, really sets the scene

    If this came to android it might be the first game I'll pay to play on mobile it would be perfect for mobile, because atm only ever use the free version for the few games I have on my mobile.

    Love the game! Very well balanced and really looking forward to any expansions. Incoming meme: Shut up and take my money!

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