Just When You Thought FTL Couldn’t Get Any Better…

Just When You Thought FTL Couldn’t Get Any Better…
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…along comes word of the kind of stuff we can expect from the game’s upcoming – and free – expansion.

While we knew about some of this – like mind control – each of these additions is now explained in greater detail. With GIFs.

But best of all, there was a new announcement: we’re getting a clone bay, which will replicate your crew (at the cost of a decrease in their skill) if they die. So boarding enemy ships just a lot more appealing.

You can read the full and detailed list of additions and improvements below.

FTL [Official Site]


  • I wonder if they’ll make it easier. I put hours in it and I have not defeated the final boss. It didnt help that my girlfriend scored the Crystal Ship in her second go haha.

    • There’s a mod to remove the chasing fleet – this was the only way I could finish it – I still only do it 1 in 10 times at best but it at least helps.

      • There are mods for this game? I persevered and beat it the traditional way – must be the Dark Souls in me, but I really loved how tough-as-nails it was.

        If you can save the galaxy every time you try, then there’s no challenge, no peril, nothing really at stake.

        • This is a great point. I’m not complaining about the difficulty, I’m just wondering if they feel compelled to make it easier. You know, new featuers to balance it or something,

  • Damn I am excited for this. FTL was already a game I could play endlessly. I’m really amazed they’re not charging for it. I know it will drive sales (especially since the Advanced Edition will be new to iPad) but still.

  • Yes FTL is great fun. Thanks developers, looking forward to it!
    It’s a bit of a shame however that whether or not you can actually defeat the final boss comes down a lot to how ‘lucky’ you were with random events and random shop inventory during the play through.

  • Missiles are a must in that fight.

    There is a strategy to beating the boss that makes it a lot easier.
    I won’t put it here but google is your friend.

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