Expect The Phantom Pain When Lots Of People Have PS4s

Expect The Phantom Pain When Lots of People Have PS4s

Excited about Metal Gear Solid V? Wondering when the main part, The Phantom Pain, is coming out? Game creator Hideo Kojima recently named a launch window for the game. It's incredibly vague.

Hideo Kojima was in New York for the release of the PlayStation 4 earlier this month and was approached by Weekly Famitsu about Metal Gear Solid V. When asked why he was releasing the prologue separately from the main game, Kojima replied, "The main game — The Phantom Pain — is extremely massive and is still going to take a while. I discussed the situation with the marketing team and after much deliberation decided at least to let people play the prologue."

Initially, Kojima intended for MGSV to be released as a single game, but apparently after showing the Fox Engine demo and periodically releasing information on the game, many fans seemed to fall under the impression that the bulk of the game was already completed. Kojima found himself receiving constant requests to hurry and release the game, and rather than prolonging the wait, he opted to give people an appetiser before feeding them the main course.

Ground Zeroes is scheduled for release in Spring, 2014. So, how long will people have to wait after that for The Phantom Pain? "It looks like we'll be able to release The Phantom Pain around the time that the PlayStation 4 becomes widely adapted." Kojima answered. Apparently 4 million units isn't a high enough adaption rate for Kojima. Of course, more people going out and buying next-gen consoles isn't necessarily going to speed up the development, but here's hoping.

(Note: While Kojima made no mention of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions, keep in mind he was in New York for the release of the PS4.)

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    I see Kojima is trying to get back his title as head troll after Atlus's recent foray into his territory.

    I seem to be doing alright without a next-gen console at the moment. When this gets released it will become a lot harder imo.

    But games are released to encourage sale of the new console -.-

    "...rather than prolonging the wait, he opted to give people an appetiser before feeding them the main course."

    It's funny. that sentence almost made it sound like Kojima was giving us Ground Zeroes for free.

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