Maybe Other Publishers Should Start Combining Their Upcoming Games Too

Maybe Other Publishers Should Start Combining Their Upcoming Games Too

Imagine waking up one morning and reading a Kotaku story that reads something like: “Following Hideo Kojima’s suit, EA decides to put two of their games together and announces DragonField 4.”

Hey, sure, why not. You’re a bunch of marines in a first-person shooter game fighting… dragons. And maybe there are a few archers and mages on your side. Actually that sounds kind of cool. I would play this game.

Today, at GDC, Hideo Kojima and Konami announced Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, which we previously knew only by its stage name, Phantom Pain. But what about Ground Zeroes, the Metal Gear game that was shown off months before Phantom Pain? Well Ground Zeroes is still a thing, but it’s not the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V we thought it would be. It actually is Metal Gear Solid V. As is Phantom Pain. They’re one game.

And if Konami can do it, why not EA? Or what about some other publishers? If you’ve got some fun ideas for game combos, drop them in the comments below.


    • LOL think about it shoot dodge and bullet time and dual wield in Liberty city. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was thinking about combining Zelda and Mario but then I realised Link’s Awakening is sort of already that in a lot of ways.

  • Haven’t Activision been doing this for ages?
    I’m pretty sure that the majority of ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ was made by combining CoD3 and CoD4.

  • From 2K: Bioshock and Terror From The Deep? That works if you have an FPS against horrific underwater aliens (Bioshock: Unknown), and also as a turn-based strategy against mutants and psychopaths (XCOM: Rapture)!

    Thief x Hitman as a jewel heist simulator would be rad from Square Enix. But they’re too similar. Let’s get awesome. Deus Cause / Just Ex – Free roaming 2027 dystopian cyberpunk sandbox action game. Yeah. Let’s make that happen. It would also give a credible excuse for The Scorpion to have infinite parachutes >_>

    Sony could but out Killzone x PlanetSide and have what effectively amounts to Bungie’s Destiny.

    Going with lesser known titles published by Epic Games, I’d love to see a Shadow Complex x Infinity Blade crossover. That has potential.

    • Awesome idea, Deus Ex meets Just Cause sounds amazing! Your description has sold me on it. Why can’t I buy this right now? Throwing my wallet at the screen, it does nothing!

  • Rockstars Red Dead Theft Auto : Max Paynes Tabletennis Edition

    You play Max Payne, fresh from his holiday in mexico, reformed as a cowboy, who has come back to the city, eager to win first place in a tabletennis tournament! But first he’s got to get there! By horse, by car, by god he’ll get there!!!!

  • Just Cause Fantasy XIII! Grapple-hook free-roam mixed with the universe and RPG mechanics of FFXIII.

  • Oh, I feel like I should point out that Ubisoft are doing exactly this, and have been for a while. Splinter Cell x Prince of Persia = Assassin’s Creed. Splinter Cell x Assassin’s Creed = Watch Dogs.

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