Game Masters, 'The Ultimate Video Game Arcade' Heads To Sydney In December

170,000 people have already experienced Game Masters during its massively successful showing at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne, but come December it will be Sydney's turn to play host, when the event takes up residence at the Powerhouse Museum on Harris St from December 13.

I went down to Melbourne for the launch of Game Masters and the exhibit is, to be perfectly honest, pretty incredible. There are over 100 games available to play including some rare arcade games from the 70s all the way through to recent Australian developed Indie games. Almost everything you could think of is there and playable. It's a genuinely sincere love letter to video games.

The exhibit is divided into three specific parts. 'Arcade Heroes' focuses on early arcade titles in the 70s through to the 80s, 'Game Changers' is a study of the most influential designers and the games they made and 'Indies'? That's a look at how independently developed games are leading the way in terms of innovative game mechanics and aesthetics.

I loved the event — would thoroughly recommend it. Tickets cost $22 for adults and $15 for children. You can book tickets for the event here.


    I went to this when I was on holiday in Melbourne last year. It was quite good, unfortunately I went during school holidays. ...Don't go during school holidays. You'll be stuck waiting behind lines and lines of kids who think it's okay to let their friends in front of you.

    I got to play an original Donkey Kong arcade machine though. The best ever. :)

      Came in to post almost exactly the same thing. Came down from Sydney (unfortunately) during the school holidays.

      Had to wait for some noob on Ocarina of Time so I could at least get the save file out of the deku tree!

        The controllers on most of the things were also quite grubby. Not sure if from the children or what, but I'm going to blame it on the children! XD

    Any word on guest talks? Highlight of the show was my fangirl moment with Tim Schafer.

      You got to meet him too?

      having him sign my game masters book was awesome

    Totally going. Absolutely, no question, I'm going. Did I mention that I'm going? Because I am.

    Going, that is. To this event.

    This might actually be better than watching Akira Yamaoka play guitar in front of an orchestra for a live rendition of "Theme of Laura".

    I'm so in on this.

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