Korean Gaming Pros Counter-Strike Parody On TV

This past weekend, SNL Korea parodied Counter-Strike and featured appearances from top StarCraft players.

Gaming giants Hong Jin-Ho (aka "YellOw") and Lim Yohwan (aka "BoxeR") made special guest appearances on SNL Korea.

Tipster Landon points out that there's a reason why Hong and Lim are appearing together in this faux Counter-Strike set against the Imjin War, which was the Japanese invasion of Korea in the late 16th century.

This is a word play of sorts as the two players used to be called "Lim-JinRok" and were great rivals. Imjin, Lim-jin, geddit?

A neat part was when the guest appeared on screen — especially, Lim Yohwan — there was an "ooohh" from the audience. The sketch also references this news story from a few years ago. A really stupid one.

The message at the end is a clear reference to all the political nonsense going on recently in South Korea regarding gaming.

This isn't the first time YellOw appeared on SNL. He was in a previous SNL Korea skit, which you can watch below. It's a prequel of sorts to this latest sketch.

SNL Korea - Counter Strike 2: Imjin War [[email protected]] SNL Korea - GTA Military 2 [[email protected] Thanks, Landon!]


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