Nobody Knows What The Deal Is With The Ghost Girl In Pokémon X & Y

Nobody Knows What The Deal Is With The Ghost Girl In Pokémon X & Y

Gather ’round the fire, boys and girls. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…the tale of the mysterious Pokemon ghost girl.

Pokémon games are full of secret stuff, that much is true. But usually, the scary stuff is reserved for the fake ‘creepypasta’ stories you see floating around the web (like how, supposedly, the Lavender Town music in Red and Blue killed children). In X & Y, though, players don’t have to come up with unsettling ghost stories: the games already provide one for you, kind of.

The video above by mulvone19 shows footage of a mysterious ghost girl players can sometimes encounter in Lumiose City, a location in X & Y. When you enter a certain building, not only does the music stop, but the screen also flashes — and suddenly, there’s a weird girl with no walking animation floating by. All she’s reported to say to players is “No, you’re not the one…” Then she’ll disappear. Later, if you visit The 4th floor of the hotel in Lumiose City, you’ll see another woman with the same character model — which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same person, since Pokémon does recycle character models — but she’ll also say something creepy, leading many to believe they’re the same girl. (For the record, she says “Don’t talk to me…if you do, I can’t hear the elevator.”)

(Image via Official Nintendo Magazine.)

Who is the person she’s looking for? Some muse that she’s looking for a player with a specific ‘Trainer ID,’ which is a number the games assign to players (most famously, they’re used for the daily lottery in the games — meaning, it’s rather hard to get an exact Trainer ID match in anything that uses it). That would be cool, since it means we might have to wait a long while before anyone figures out what the ghost girl does.

Others think it might be tied to a hidden message you find in the train station in Lumiose City which reads “I’m going to go for help. Wait in the usual place.” What is the usual place? Is the ghost girl tied to that, maybe? One thing is for sure, it sounds like someone was in trouble — perhaps life and death trouble. Which, y’know, could lead to someone dying. Which could then lead to a ghost.


For now, nobody knows what the deal is with that ghost girl. But many are hopeful it means or leads to something, based on a previous ghost girl from an earlier game. Here’s ABrandonToThePast, breaking down other ghost girl appearances — ghost girls that led players to special legendary Pokemon, at that. And remember: hackers just found new, special Pokemon that nobody else has seen or caught in the games. Could the ghost girl be the means through which one of these Pokémon is caught?

Who knows. It could be that the ghost girl leads to nothing, and she’s just a fun thing Game Freak tossed into the games to mess with people.

What do you think? Are any of these theories compelling, or do you perhaps have your own?


  • I ran into her last night in Lumiose (the top video). I thought the game had bugged out on me for a minute

    • Ditto, then I tried looking for her on the floor she left and there was no-one there. WooooOOooo

  • I like things like this, I ran into her during my first visit to Lumiose and thought “that was strange, oh well, maybe I will meet her again” but as yet, nada. Things in the game that clearly aren’t hidden, that seem to be part of some larger picture that nobody, anywhere (except for the folks at GF) has a clue what to make of it.

    • Yeah the vid is unwatchable because the guys video is garbage and probably wants to be another youtube celebrity.

    • Yeah. This stuff is more interesting when it’s all fan theories with only a few nods here and there to fill in the blanks. At least early on, eventually it’s nice to have them go ‘yep, you guys were right’.

  • I expect this, along with the “haunted house” and a few other unexplained or underused things, will be covered either in DLC or a greatly expanded Pokemon Z.

  • The character model used for the ghost is the Female Hex Maniac. There are some of these sprinkled around the joint, most noticiably in Anistar City PokeCentre who gives out TMs once a day at different times until you’ve collected all of them.

  • People, it is true, go check it out for yourself! You can find her on the second floor of a building on North Boulevard, where the lady at the desk will tell you she just got there from Unova and doesn’t even know what the building is for. It will only happen once, only after you’ve restored the power to Lumiose City.
    Her character model is used again as the “Hex Maniac” trainer class, I think the girl in the hotel is just a coincidence.
    I’m pretty sure this is just an Easter Egg or Nintendo just messing with us. They do love their ghosts!

  • Remember the ghost girl from BW and BW2? Maybe she will have a role in the next game or GameFreak really want to mess with us.

  • maybe she’ll do something if you win the lottery?? considering shes looking for a specific id andstuff…. i dunno /ramble

  • I have made a theory because there has been reports about it happening in other games of Pokemon and with it saying your not the one but in the original blue and red Pokemon game you can go up the elevator to get to the creator’s office once you caught all 150 Pokemon and so it might be relating to when you catch all the Pokemon because of when she says I can’t here the elevator that could possibly connect to it

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