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Yesterday was good! A couple of random guesses, a couple that actually fit the bill but weren't quite correct and a couple of people even managed to guess correctly. All in all a good HaiTaku.

Congrats to GerminalConsequence who was first to correctly guess Ico! Nice job!

Today's haiku comes from Tigerion. Love this guy. He's in the middle of dropping nominations for Community Kudos and he just says, bugger it, here are some haikus while I'm at it!

Two differing views Roman weapons launched in space Foremost in defense

Good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!



      No offence, but I hope not, A Phalanx was a Greek formation

        Romans stole Greek Gods, why can't they steal their military formations? :p

        But you're right, I'm way off.

          I was thinking Halo until I realised Spartans weren't Roman, stupid Kanye.

    Ha. I was not expecting to get yesterday's. Today's got me stumped though. Roman Weapons in Space makes me think of Warhammer 40K so maybe Space Hulk?

    If it was just romans in space, I'd say mass effect. the Turians are basically space romans, without the hedonism.

    But no roman weapons, damn.

      This is definitely an old game, so mass effect is to recent


    I'm guessing command and conquer, but I know GDI's space weapon is the ion cannon so unless they had another space weapon I'm not remembering I think I'm reaching

    D'oh! I meant the Japanese translation - Gradius. Because l-for-r swaps are funny.

    Wing Commander

      There was a fighter called a gladius in one of the early ones as I recall

        And torpedo called the Javelin, and a missile called the Pillum

          You are so painfully close with your logic. The only part you are missing is the final line

            Privateer? Never played the game, but that's like the naval equivalent of a mercenary, isn't it? Is that "foremost in defence" enough?

            Last edited 29/11/13 4:21 pm

            Armada? Possibly jogged into memory by its recent rerelease on GOG?

    Sounds like me in Civ V, I often play romans, I tech up to space rapidly, I usually fight defensively and there's only 2 differing views, the first being the people who think they have a right to exist outside of my empire and the second being me.

      Love your logic.
      Totally wrong but you have explained yourself well. Although it is Haitaku so you need to back a a lot further than Civ V

      This is actually the first thing that I thought of too!

    Hm. Roman weapons. Gladius, Spilum, Ballista, Onager, Javelin...?

    There's a missile called a Javelin, isn't there...

    ...I don't think that line of thinking is going to get us anywhere.

    It wouldn't be something retarded like Empire Earth 3 would it? I know that had a world domination map as well as a micromanagement battlefield. Also had romans and space stuff from memory? Long time since I played it, and didn't even play for long cos it was pretty rubbish.. that's my guess anyway!

    I'm going to say Starcraft, because two players, units with names referring to Roman times, defense against Zerg. Haha, but probably not.

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