Warlords Of Draenor Brings The Original Warcraft Trilogy To WoW

Before World of Warcraft there was plain Warcraft, the award-winning, genre-defining real-time strategy trilogy. Many players of the MMO have never experienced those classic stories. The next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, is going to fix that. "What if those dark days could come again?" asked Blizzard's Chris Metzen on stage at BlizzCon 2013's opening ceremonies. "To forge a brighter future, sometimes you must confront the ghosts of the past" he continued, whipping the crowd into a frenzy before announcing the next expansion set for World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor.

We're going time-travelling, folks. Old heroes, old villains, and settings familiar to the players of the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and the two games and expansion that followed.

The new expansion feature a new world in Draenor, upgradeable player garrisons, new character models, a level cap increased to 100 and much more. Also worth noting from the trailer, the ability to boost to level 90 and play from there.

We'll have more on this compelling expansion after the Future of World of Warcraft panel later today.

Update: Blizzard has posted an extensive FAQ covering the major features of the expansion. You can read it here.



    How can people get excited for this? They're not even trying to cover up that they're recycling storylines now. Metzen is a hack.

    But what about the butterfly effect? What if they step on a butterfly and that ruins absolutely everything? Forge a brighter future my ass...

    Eugh, instant level 90 for anyone who buys the expansion, so even more fuckwits running around not knowing how their class works, great! Saying that I still feel like resubbing for it when it comes out.. Though F2P model would be really nice, but Blizzard likes our money too much to do that..

      The last few years in various F2P and sub-model MMOs have made me realise a monthly fee not only provides a predictable revenue stream to budget further development with, but it also keeps out the riff raff.

      And considering the riff raff you find in sub-model MMOs, that should tell you something. It's like the "youtube comments the MMO" out there.

      F2P MMOs are also increasingly designed to be more expensive than sub model MMOs, because let's face it - the target demographic for these games are the "gotta catch em all" brigade (myself included). When you throw in a disposable income, those microtransactions stack up.

      That being said, I've been expecting WoW to go F2P ever since they introduced the pet store. They've certainly dumbed the game down sufficiently to make it appeal to the limited attention span and abilities of the raving mongol hordes of F2P players.*

      * Obvious and shameless personal prejudice.

        Yeah I hear you there, though Riff Raff, WoW has plenty of that haha. The 15 bucks a month never stopped those kids honestly. But eh.

        My thought exactly with those stupidly expensive mounts (25 bucks wtf?!) and pets too, the last mount that Blizz released when I was playing sold something ike 50,000 in the first few hours :S and continued to sell stupidly like that.

      So essentially its now a 10 level game? Screw that shit.

        How so? You get one boost to level 90, one, not some infinite amount that you can just boost your whole account to level 90.

          I think the confusion comes in during that part where the trailer doesn't say one and only one...

        Nah, though everyone who buys the expansion gets a level 90 of their choice to use on any level character at anytime.

      Hopefully the level 90 boost is so that you can get past the pile of sh*t that is the MoP content.

        I love that part, I couldn't do leel 85-90 more than twice, I tried a 3rd with my Death Knight but said fuck it and didn't resub and that was a year ago now almost.

        I loved MoP, it was the Cataclysm content that I found a bit boring.

    If Blizzard released this instead of MoP, it might've saved them a few hundred thousand subs.

    So is this the last one?

      Nope. At least one more after this new one.

        At the opening panel metzan said they have the next 3 expansions planned out and the end of WoD will spill over into the expansion after WoD


    Seriously, it's like they're not even trying with these add ons any more.

    "Who will stand against us?"

    Who cares?

    Last edited 09/11/13 12:32 pm

      If you don't like it, that's your personal thing, but why rain on everyone else's parade in the process?

      Last edited 09/11/13 7:51 pm

        I loved wow. Played it for years. Unfortunately what its become doesnt agree with me. I have the right to voice my opinion as you do yours. Just because mine is negative of it and yours may be positive doesnt mean either is any more or less valid. You dont like my comment? Ignore it. Easy done. Just move on. Everyone has the right to an opinion positive or negative.

        Last edited 09/11/13 11:13 pm

          There's a difference between voicing your opinion and whinging. "Who cares" is the latter.

            And if thats stemmed from my experiences with the game and become my opinion? Youre really drawing this out beyond where it needs to be dude. Have a snickers or something.

            Last edited 10/11/13 10:45 am

              My problem isn't with whether you like the game or not, it's with the unnecessary bashing that seems to go on all the time with WoW. There's this group of former players who aren't content with just not liking how the game changed and moving on, they're bitter and have to trash talk it at every opportunity. I mean, I think games like Farmville are the scourge of gaming personally, but I'm not going to go on a crusade against it or anything.

              Not saying you're on a crusade and I suppose my comment shouldn't have been directed at you in particular, it's just that all the constant negativity people spout about WoW wears at me after a while and your comment looked like the same sort of thing I've seen people do day after day on WoW-related threads on different sites around the net. I just don't get why people can't just not like something and accept that other people do (ditto for Apple/Android, Xbox/Playstation, etc). It always has to be a Holy War with some people.

    If I could:

    1) Buy the game outright for $80 - $150 and not pay a subscription
    2) Completely control the position of the buildings in my garrison
    3) Have FULL voice acting

    Blizzard would have my attention.

      They're not far off some of those things.

      1) You can get the full game as it is right now (all expansions) for $60, the remaining $90 would get you a 6 month subscription, give or take a few dollars. Sure, it's not forever, but it's unlikely WoW will move to a F2P model.

      2) The reason you can't do this is the same reason you can't build a garrison anywhere you want in the world. The art assets are designed to look good and consistent with the quality of its surroundings, and dynamically placed content rarely does. You can still choose different spots from the plots available, it's just not complete. I get the interest in this one though, don't get me wrong.

      3) Each expansion is adding more and more voice acting, and the some of the stuff in MoP was really cool. Problem is ultimately, voice acting is really expensive for what you get out of it, and for the sheer amount of content these expansions have it would blow the costs out something fierce. I loved the voice acting in SWTOR and it felt backwards returning to WoW after that, but I suppose at the end of the day I'd rather see more and better polished content and storytelling without voicework than less of it with voicework.

        True, I just loved WC3 so much, still get that and FT out every now and then and just play through the story.

        What ever happened to you, Warcraft RTS, I miss you so much....

    Blizzard are really pushing the boat out with the money thing these days. 60 bucks for a character boost, 50 for an expansion. Why even bother considering you still require a sub fee. The micro transactions are weighing heavy on the game atm.

    Id rather purchase the new expac from a cheaper third party retailer:


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