When Making A Brawler, You Must Consider... Tail Physics

When Making a Brawler, You Must Consider... Tail Physics

Oh man. Look at that tail sway. Truly a thing of beauty, isn't it? All made possible thanks to tail physics.

Not much time has passed since the last video update on the progress of indie brawler Overgrowth. But let's face it: tail physics are important. Brawlers need 'em. Especially animal brawlers with fat rabbits in them.

When Making a Brawler, You Must Consider... Tail Physics

You can watch the update vid below, in any case, and as usual, you can get a taste of the action (as in, try the Alpha version you see in these videos) by pre-ordering the game here. It will be released at some point. Eventually. I hope.

Overgrowth Alpha 203 changes [[email protected]]


    Thanks for adding the arrow on the gif, I wasn't sure which part was the tail.

    I think it's about time I pre-ordered this.

    After all this work it will surely get released eventually...probably...well I'm sure...maybe...hopefully

    Last edited 01/12/13 1:24 am

    Why have they added brawling to this tail simulator?

    afaik though funny and cute lol, this isn't real 'physics' - it's just part of a fixed set of animations :)

      If you know Wolfire games you'd know they don't use pre-set animations. That's real physics running those tails, just like it's real physics in those death animations.

        Wow I googled it and you're right! How impressive :)

          Check out some of the game in action. In particular the games object permanence and general physics (watch how they jump from pillar to pillar) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhWHIkvfa90

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