Heaven Is Kicking A Cartoon Rabbit Down A Hill

Heaven Is Kicking A Cartoon Rabbit Down A Hill

The last time we checked in on curious indie game Overgrowth wasn’t exactly under the most pleasant of circumstances, so let’s today focus on what the game does best: rabbit violence.

An action adventure game, this clip focuses on some of the recent improvements made to Overgrowth’s melee combat system, which in terms of how fluid it is looks incredible.

While it’s not out yet, you can get your hands on the game; pre-order customers get access to alpha updates, so head below if you’re at all interested.

Overgrowth [Wolfire, thanks Chris!]


    • Spiritual sequel, made by the same devs.

      I preordered a year or so ago because I find interesting game mechanics/glorified tech demos pretty much irresistible. This pretty much outdoes Lugaru in every metric (as you’d hope), not to mention it’s only mid alpha and constantly, observably improving.

      Seriously worth getting, is what I’m trying to say. Even if $30 for a preorder seems steep, the alpha has an active modding community and decent level creator, so you’ll get far more time from it than you would out of your average $60 title.

  • it’s not worth paying $30 right now considering it’s been in development for nearly 4 years and there is no estimated release date, might wait till there is something more concrete

  • Looks mad – will the devs be putting other animals in too? Also, it’s like Bloody Roar reborn in the 21st century!

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