République: It's Survival Horror, But Not As You Know It

It's Survival Horror, But Not As You Know It

It's easy to get excited about a Kickstarter game, see it backed then forget all about it. Understandable, too, since few of the really "big" Kickstarter games (Star Citizen, Broken Age) have been released. République, however, is just about done, and is looking pretty cool.

Due out on December 19 on iOS (a PC port is coming next year), the high-profile Kickstarter - helmed by former Metal Gear and Halo devs, and starring a stellar voice cast - you're playing the role of an overseer of sorts, helping a girl escape a totalitarian surveillance state by unlocking doors and hacking computers.

It's stealth-meets-survival-horror, though not as you'll know it; the more passive nature of controlling the environment, and not the character, should be interesting.


    This looks amazing. I must play it!

    I swear here was a game with this exact same mechanic recently and it was pretty terrible. Can't for the life of me remember the name.


    I wish they'd get better quality CCTVs, the constant glitching is driving me nuts.

    There must be some other way to remind people it's a camera feed than constant static bursts...

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