Japan’s Newest Island Looks Like Snoopy

Japan’s Newest Island Looks Like Snoopy

South of Japan, a new island is currently in the process of forming a very familiar character.

Roughly 177 miles from the Japanese mainland lie the Bonin Islands. There, at this very moment, an active volcano is in the process of rather violently creating a new island.

Originating very close to Nishi-no-shima (西之島, Western Island), since last month the new land has steadily grown and is now beginning to overlap with Nishi-no-shima, merging the two.

Upon seeing aerial images of the newly linked island, some net users noted a similarity with America’s favourite beagel*.

Twitter user @tekken8810 posted a comparison image, calling it “a complete match,” and once you see it, yeah, it’s kind of hard to unsee.

The internet was quick to agree:

“It really does [look like Snoopy.]”

“This makes me a little happy.”

“I think we should rename it, ‘Snoopy Island.'”

“Wow! I’m amazed you found it!”

“Now that the islands have joined, let’s call it Peanuts Island.”

The volcano is still quite active, so the island probably won’t remain in its cute beagle shape for long.

*Yes, I misspelled it on purpose. Go watch A Boy Named Charlie Brown.


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