MC Escher, You’re Looking Different. And Gorgeous.

MC Escher, You’re Looking Different. And Gorgeous.

Remember echochrome? Cute PlayStation puzzler that had you guiding a little figure around increasingly-complex maps? Monument Valley is like that. Only a lot prettier.

Designed as a tablet experience, it’s coming soon to iPad and “other mobile devices”. You can get in on a beta by signing up at the official site below.

Monument Valley [Site, via IndieGames]


    • Please research MC Escher first, then understand what they’re going for… then you wouldn’t make uninformed comments like this?

        • Fez didn’t pioneer the bright coloured, blocky, cute look. It merely used it. I can point you to various other games that used it prior to its existance too.

          • Sure, just as Minecraft didn’t pioneer everything Minecraft is and Angry Birds didn’t pioneer its gameplay. It doesn’t matter what did it first, so long as it is the current source of inspiration.

          • Oh lord… where to begin with this one. I think I’m going to leave it right here, you kind of just answered it yourself.

      • I am well aware of Escher.

        This art style is still ripping off Fez. In my opinion. Which you do not have to share.

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