Monument Valley Gets Eight New Levels

Briefly: Monument Valley, one of the best games for the iPad, is now even more best, as eight new peaceful puzzling levels arrive in the game's Forgotten Shores expansion. The new levels are available today on iOS via a $2.49 in-app purchase, with Android and Amazon versions of the update coming soon.


    Didn't realise the update was iOS only for the moment, no wonder I couldn't find it. :(

    Apparently people are mad that a really incredible free game now has paid DLC? What a bunch of twats. I can't wait to play these!

      Agreed. Such a great game. I had no problem paying for the DLC. Played the first level already - going to ration it out this time. :)

    Only 8 that's disappoint. But I guess that means 8 really good levels. Gotta wait to pay day though.

    played through them all last night. was a much better experience that the initial game levels. This is what the original probably should of been. Would love to see more levels, some of the perspective changes really screwed with my eyes though which made it tough to figure out where she could go.

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