10 Grand Theft Auto Online Jobs Get Rockstar's Seal Of Approval

10 Grand Theft Auto Online Jobs Get Rockstar's Seal of Approval

10 user-created jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online were "officially certified" by Rockstar Games yesterday, meaning all players on all platforms will be able to play them. They're the first gigs to get the Rockstar stamp of approval since the GTA Online Creator toolkit released.

Six races and four deathmatches compose the first 10, chosen from a pool of more than a million created jobs. So, that would make these the top 0.00001 per cent of jobs, at least. Settings include Mount Gordo and the Maze Bank Arena for races, and Pillbox Hill and the Bolingbroke Penitentiary for the deathmatches. Three of the missions have made the top 10 list for most popular on their platforms. The full roster of jobs, and their descriptions, are at the link below.

The First Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs [Rockstar Newswire]


    Tried some of them last night, they're actually not too bad. Though the Saving Ryan's Privates (hehe) one is incredibly stupid, as it spawns opposing players in your 'base'.

      You can't control spawn points in team DM - only the initial spawns.

      Made my tower wars game not really work all that well. :( RPG's only on two skyscrapers with Rhino's for good measure.

    Translation for those that havent played online yet: 10 Grand Theft Auto Online User Created Missions Get Rockstar's Seal Of Approval

      I was so confused by the use of the word "jobs". I thought "wait, you can drive a taxi in online multiplayer or something?"

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