Tom Cruise Blockbuster Looks Like The Best Video Game Movie Of 2014

Tom Cruise Blockbuster Looks Like The Best Video Game Movie Of 2014

It's not actually based on a game, I know. But the face masks, the armour, the aliens, the dropships... this is the visual language of the last decade of video games, turned into a Tom Cruise movie.


    Plus, well... respawns/checkpoints

      It's got Tom Cruise in it. It's bound to be complete shit.

      Anyone note how he only plays roles on the futuristic, sci fi bend nowadays? Whatever happened to Cocktail and Top Gun?

      It's that stupid religion that's screwing his brain up making him have these make believe fantasties he's something more than he is - a shit actor.

        Wait, you just used Cocktail as a seemingly 'good' representation of Tom Cruise's acting abilities?

        Not sure if serious... or maybe I just misinterpreted.

        I'm no fan, but I didn't mind Oblivion. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't terrible either.

        My guess is he is training for when the aliens return from Xenu and he has to lead the earth army to victory....

        i quite like that he's gone down the action and sci fi route lately.

        mission impossible 3 and 4 were great, i quite like oblivion and jack reacher. knight and day was good fun. this looks quite good.

        personal preference of course. i know a lot of people arent a fan of him. he may be a nut job in real life with all his scientology crap but i like his movies.

          He ruined Jack Reacher.
          Jack Reacher's character in the books is 6'4" and 240pounds.

          Seeing Tom Cruise in the bar fight scene where he is the same height or taller than everyone was laughable. The man is 5 foot nothing.

            i havent read the books but i can totally understand how it would be an issue for some people. to change a character that much from the source seems ridiculous.

    So its basically Halo: Groundhog Day?

      it looks like source code mixed with elysium. Exosuits seem popular in film atm. Judging by the slow girl meets boy chunks of the trailer, this will have pacific rim level filler scenes

    It's a shame Tom Cruise is one of the worst actors in the history of acting.

    Tom Cruise you say? I'm out. Try as I might, I just can't take him seriously. I see his face and the movies just ruined for me. He's a decent actor and everything, I just find him off-putting.

      He plays the same character every movie

        He didn't in tropic thunder :3

          Huh, you absolutely got me there. I didn't know it was him till the credits, I was like 'I know that face'. It's a shame he doesn't take on more diverse roles instead of 'generic handsome confident action man who can run fast'.

        Exactly, it ruins the immersion for me because I'm always like "I've seen Tom Cruise do this a million times now!". It's unfortunate. And @thatteemo that was one of his more refreshing rolls, but it didn't suit him (for me anyway). It's like he only has the range for one roll and he's done it to death.

          I can just imagine his CV

          Top Gun: Maverick
          A Few Good Men: Maverick
          Mission Impossible: Maverick
          The Last Samurai: Maverick

            Oooh, I actually liked him in War of the Worlds! pretty bad movie, but it was a bit different from his usual stuff and he did a pretty decent job of the roll!

              I think the issue is a lot of the roles that he does are written for him based on his previous work. So in a sense he gets type cast as the generic action hero. It doesn't just happen to cruise though.

              War of the worlds was one of the biggest disappointments for me.
              Camera points at Tom Cruise, while the action is actually happening 2 meters left of him. I don't want to see the same guy in every frigging shot, when I want to watch a movie about giant tripods disintegrating people and incinerating entire cities within minutes.
              That movie made me want to slap the camera man to pan either left or right, just to show me what I want to see rather than a guy whining about whatever for 90 minutes, while I could have been entertained for those 90 minutes.
              As for this movie: Won't go to the cinemas for it, but will make it a movie night as soon as it is out on one of the "digital distribution channels".

        Have to agree. Especially in these sci-fi ones, may as well just be the same character.

        As average as the Mission Impossible series has become, I personally think he's best left to the role of Ethan Hunt. Only role I sort of take him seriously in anymore.

    A movie that looks like a video game with the title that sounds like a hardcore band name.

    I will not watch any movie staring Tom Cruise. I can't stand him on so many levels.

    They aren't even keeping the original name of the story? Let alone how much they are shitting it up, sad panda :(

    This movie looks horrible. Thanks Hollywood for taking a book I love a taking a huge dump on it. Thanks Hollywood for turning a the lead character from a young Japanese man to old ass tom cruise. Also love how they changed the name to edge of tomorrow. Im so pissed that this crappy movie is being made.

      It's ok, just wait till the Holywood "Akira" film is made. THEN you'll have something to hate them for.

    I've just looked at that screenshot again, they've got power armour, hovercraft tanks, tiltrotor transport craft and what's that flying along in the background? A CH47 Chinook...

    Huh. This is based on a light novel, of all things:

    While I want to watch the trailer, I won't since every freakin' movie trailer is a huge giant spoiler nowadays. eg Oblivion trailer which builds up this awesome "the world has ended and nobody is left" vibe but then goes and SHOWS YOU THE WHOLE MOVIE AAAARGH

      The trailer for Enders game does even worse.

    I kind of liked the book: All You Need Is Kill. It is definitely ground hog day meets starship troopers.

    I think you guys need to gives this a chance, trailer looks great. Sometimes its cool to conform to popular opinion on the net eh?

    ...meh, I still watch it, I'm like, the futuristic junky of all futuristic junkies.

    Sure, why not. Tom Cruise was awesome in Risky Business.

    I love Emily Blunt, and the director is good.... but I don't know if I can take this seriously. It looks very "by-the-numbers" to me.

    I'm going to go against the grain and say I actually don't mind Tom Cruise. Yeah, his action movie characters are all pretty similar, but outside of these he's played in some interesting roles - Collateral, War of The Worlds, Tropic Thunder, Valkyrie. I enjoyed Oblivion as well (although the ending was a bit cliched). Will definitely go and check this out.

    Finally! Someone listened to my letters of a crossover movie of Gears of War and Groundhog Day!!

      That person was presumably the author of All You Need Is Kill, the japanese light novel the movie's based off.

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