While You Were Sleeping

Friday! And also my last day on the site for a couple of weeks. We have Lifehacker's Chris Jager filling in for a week. This is the guy who once ate a placenta pizza, so I'm pretty sure he has some great stuff in store. Anyway — news. We has it.

Let's talk movies. Hey wait! Where are you going!

Confession. I don't hate Tom Cruise. I actually think he has a knack for picking some pretty great projects. Therefore I am super excited for his next super sci-fi movie that looks a lot like a video game. This is cool.

Also cool is Japan's reaction to the new Godzilla movie. Kinda interesting to see their reaction to a Hollywood version of a Japanese film.

Who wants a closer look at Kirby's new 3DS game? I do. Because I actually thought Kirby's Epic Yarn was a visual masterpiece!

This is the PC versus console debate stripped back and it is glorious. This is The Walking Dead season 2 trailer and it is pretty bloody.

In Short The Walking Dead Season Two's First Trailer Is Bloody As Hell A Closer Look At Kirby's New 3DS Game The PC Versus Console Debate Simplified Japan Reacts To The Godzilla Trailer Tom Cruise Blockbuster Looks Like The Best Video Game Movie Of 2014


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