What It's Like To Play A Fighting Game With A Newbie

The first time you play with someone who doesn't know what they're doing in a fighting game, it always goes down a little like this: there is a lot of pausing. Lots of checking movelists.

Lots of negotiating returning hits to keep it balanced because they initially got hurt when they weren't ready. And lots of answering questions about what the most powerful move is.

Really, the only thing that's missing from this video by FreddieW (RocketJump) is having the newbie player repeat the same move over and over again, because its easy or you're just not good enough to deal with someone only doing upper punch repeatedly.

Granted, of course all of happens! Why wouldn't the other person want to learn how to play the game? It's still kind of funny to poke fun at, though.

Every Fighting Game, Ever. [FreddieW (RocketJump)]


    That is like the first time I played Street Fighter in the arcade the other player was all 'stop doing that' and all I was doing was mashing buttons

    What it's like to play a fighting game as a newbie: "How do you jump, aga- wait, what are you doing, why am I in the air, why are none of the buttons doing any- where'd all my health go, how is this fun, I can't- what the hell was that, did you just get me with a bazooka, where's the bazooka button, oh, I'm dead, that was fun. Put Rayman back in when you're done, would you?"

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