Where The Hell Was This LEGO Cleaner When I Was A Kid?

Where The Hell Was This LEGO Cleaner When I Was A Kid?

There are two sides to every LEGO play session. The ecstacy (the playing!) and the agony (the cleanup). All those tiny pieces, all the ways they could get lost, or stuck in the carpet, ungh. So this LEGO scooper invention deserves as many design awards as its creator's shelves can hold.

It's so simple. Just a plastic contraption that's part dustpan-and-broom, part windshield scraper. You hold the "pan" on the ground, and scoop the LEGO right into it.

It was first released last year, the invention of a mum who used a shoebox to scoop up LEGO, a process that worked so well she took it to the market.

I mean, you could use it for anything, but it was born of LEGO, and it's LEGO that it'll surely get used for the most.

Toydozer [Amazon, via technabob]


    Buying one immediately! Nothing worse than stepping on Lego in the middle of the night.

    If I recall correctly, Lego actually released one of these in the 90's.

    They had something better! It was a parrot that picked everything up. It had turning blades in its mouth and when it was pushed over the floor it flicked it into its storage container... http://www.bricksetforum.com/discussion/11787/lego-vacuum-cleaner-and-storage-box

      When I saw the title, before I read the article, this is exactly what I assumed it would be about. I remember my friend having one 20 years ago. It worked pretty well on a small layer, but got clogged up easily if you tried to pick up too much.

        I remember this too, I was always jealous of the kids who had one!

      I remember that and it was AWESOME!!! Not sure if we still have it, but it made cleaning up Lego fun :D

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      I had one too! But always found it wayyyy faster by just spilling my miles of lego onto a blanket, then wrapping it up and tipping it into the box...

    I just put a sheet down. But I did always want that parrot thing!

    Picking up Lego is for chumps. The smart way to do it is to get a bed sheet and add a drawstring. You play with your Lego on the spread out sheet. When you're done, you just pull the drawstring and wind up with a sack of Lego. Clean up time - 3 seconds.

      Give this man a Nobel Prize.

      This but with my favourite constructions removed and put on my shelf until I had a better use for their parts.

    I just emptied everything out on to a blanket and then when time came to clean up, lift the blanket into the box and pull the blanket out. Simple.

    hear hear @jacka! keeping it on a sheet then throwing the sheet in the box was the easiest way.
    OR using a spare Lego Board to scrape them up like that kid is doing.

    and the agony (the stepping upon barefooted of the piece you missed)

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