Broncos Win The Super Bowl, According To Madden

Degenerate gamblers, Madden NFL 25 says you should get your money down on the Broncos. The game predicts two Super Bowl firsts: snow, and overtime — and a 31-28 victory for Denver.

Snow at Super Bowl XLVIII, played on Sunday in New Jersey, seems to be forced by the game's career modes. In Madden NFL 25 I have yet to see a Super Bowl at the Meadowlands that isn't played in a blizzard, even if current weather forecasts call for mostly sunny skies, a high of 38 and a 20 per cent chance of precipitation.

But Madden as an actual predictor of the game has done very well, including for betting purposes. The series called the winner correctly in eight of the previous 10 years, and is 7-3 against the point spread. Here, actually, Madden calls for a push, as the Broncos are three-point favourites. As for the over/under, Madden once again says go for the over (the line is 47 points).

Yes, Richard Sherman makes an interception; the game just boosted him to a 99 rating overall (up from 98) and he houses it for a pick-six to take a 10-7 lead in the first quarter.


    Yankee foosball is like a crappy turn based strategy version of actual football.

      As someone who was raised in america, I couldn't agree with you more.

    Finally! The first international American Football tournament...

      Exactly what I thought. So much disappointment when I actually read the article!

    I'm still bummed about the 49ers so 2nd choice was going to be bronco's

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