Guess What Hideo Kojima Is Doing?

That's right, he's showing off Ground Zeroes again — this time, demonstrating the Xbox One version's second screen capabilities on tablets and smartphones. Check out his photos above and below.

Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3 [Twitter]


    Eeeeew gross, is that an xbox? hideo, wash your hands after playing with that dirty system! PS: Your games are the best, Dont ever stop making them!

    Oh kojima I hate/love you so very much.

    MGS: Ground Zeroes on Xbox1... using a Sony tablet... oh Kojima!

    Looks like 720p.... ohh its the xbone version

    I don't know about metal gear, but I want that Predator head!

      JB had it last year, it was predator 3D collectors edition

      Last edited 17/01/14 10:31 am

        You mean he didn't go out and kill a Predator, then stuffed and mounted its head on a pedestal? Disappointment.

        Last edited 18/01/14 12:09 am

    What OS will the 2nd screen support or is it through smart glass?

    ohh I hope it will have some kinnect features too :D

    I remember when I was 10 years old and my dad bought home a PS1 with a bunch of used games, MGS:1 was among them and instantly I fell in love with the "Adult version of Hide and Seek" as I saw it. Then as I got older I fell in love with the story, the characters and the art that is the Metal Gear Solid legacy and now i sit 20 years old and say this; I don't care what system it is released on so long as the world might experience what I have. But all that aside, the PS4 would be the go...the Xbone to the PS4 is what Digimon is to Pokemon

      You lost me at Digimon is to Pokemon...

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