Naughty Dog Discusses The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Earlier this afternoon you might have seen that Sony released the opening three minutes of its new The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind. That's all well and good, but I find this more interesting. Featuring the actors who play Ellie and Riley, alongside many of the developers at Naughty Dog, this little clip goes into more detail on just how much work went into creating Left Behind.

As a general rule I don't play much DLC — usually because I've already moved onto other games and other universes. I really, honestly felt like I was happy to leave The Last of Us behind after its brilliant ending, but maybe I will traipse back for Left Behind. Sounds interesting. I particularly love the fact that exploration is more of a focus this time. I'm also keen to play as Ellie, to feel less powerful in a video game.


    Can't wait. It seems like deception and stealth is going to play a bigger part in this than the main campaign - sometimes I felt like I was too equipped, too well-armored, and way too capable playing as Joel. I should definitely crank up the difficulty for another playthrough.
    Having read the comics I'm also looking forward to exploring the mall. It was an interesting place with plenty of stories to tell.

      Survivor difficulty is the only way to really play this game. Anything below that is just tutorial :P Which makes it a bit stupid that you have to actually finish the game before you can play it on Survivor.

    Not armour, per se ... bad choice of words. I guess I covered what I was getting at with "equipped" and "capable".

    tell me about it with dlc, season pass for this game was the worst money i've ever spent
    well and truely moved on from this now and going back although i will do it, will surely make this experience less involved

    Keen to play as Ellie to feel less powerful? I don't know it might just be me but the Ellie sections to me felt far easier than playing as Joel. She had the switchblade for unlimited shiv-ing and just felt more agile to play with in my opinion.

      Agreed with the easier sections providing you were past that first hold-out section in the mill/plant where the bloater drops down from the ceiling, I spent a lot of time watching Ellie die on that bit. And yes, Ellie did feel more agile etc, though I believe that was intentional to show you the age difference between Ellie and Joel.

      On a side note, you are dead on with the switchblade. Give me a brick and there wasn't a lot I couldn't kill

    Is it gonna be worth the price though?

    I usually do partake in DLC because by the time I get around to purchasing a game, the GotY version is out ( just started Skyrim Monday).

    I'm worried I'll play through this once & feel guilty I didn't put the cash toward something more substantial.

    Maybe it's just me, and of course I haven't played it yet, but this story looks dull imo. I would much rather see a prequel involving Joel's darker road bandit past and falling out with his brother. Or how he came to be in the Boston quarantine zone. Potentially ruining Ellie's character arch with a dlc that seems like it was just easier to produce rather than the above mentioned idea seems pointless.

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