Oh Nothing, Just Some Brand New Halo 5 Concept Art...

Is it called Halo 5 yet? What is this game even called. It's so secret that it doesn't have a name yet. Probably has a codename like 'HALO: HEXAGON' or something like that. Anyway, 343 Industries just released a brand new piece of concept art for the game. It tells us nothing, shows us nothing, yet somehow made me feel a little bit tingly inside.

So, as far as I can see it has Halo-style spaceships, set in a Halo-style cityscape. It looks 'dark' and 'moody' and may be the setting for some sort of night mission. It may also just be a cool drawing one of the concept artists drew on his lunch break, but hey — why ruin a fun little bit of speculation.

But if you're looking for actual concrete information on how Halo 5 is progressing, you might as well head to the blog post where the above art was revealed. Interesting stuff.


    Man, I'm so glad they stopped making Halo games after Reach...

    Anyone else notice that what looks like the two rounded noses of covanent like vessels, below the Infinity/Infinity class ship, are the UNSC grey. maybe they are UNSC Sanghelli ships?

    Halo 4 was very underwhelming for me. I don't know how well Halo 5 is going to turn out, but if it's from the same people who made Halo 4, I'm not that hopeful.

      People make mistakes, and when mistakes happen, they learn from it and correct it.

    I always cave and get Halo but I have no urge to cave and get an Xbone so it will be hard as heck for me to cave and get Halo 5, finish it and then complain about how overrated and god awful it is.

    But then again, I did cave before like some kind of jerk :)

    Can't wait! Looks like the Infinity above, possibly, a large Covenant ship. I'd like to see the Brutes return, some Insurrectionists, Elite/human alliance and some Elites that have had the same thing done to them that the Promethean knights have had the same thing done to them. Hopefully will be a bit like Mass Effect where Master Chief has his own ship and the player can choose where to fly.

      If Halo ends up being anything like Mass Effect, it will lose a lot of it's fans. Although, brutes would be nice to see again.

    I for one am glad Ken Scott has left his position as art director on this game. Hopefully his talents will be put to better use on some more gritty projects closer to his old style. I jokingly told him not long ago he needs to get back to his roots and do more demonic art! Maybe this is a good omen!

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