Here’s The Best Way To Travel In Halo 4’s Mongoose

Pity the lowly Mongoose. It's outshadowed by the flying vehicles in Halo 4. And it's not even the coolest ground transportation in the game, either. This humble jeep is what you use when nothing better is available.

But Achievement Hunters found a way to make the Mongoose one of the more exciting travel options in 343 Industries' first Halo game. Hopefully, this grenade-jumping will become a competitive folk game inside Halo 4.


    All I ask is to be able to shoot a pistol from the mongoose.

    The vehicle becomes much more useful.

    I love the mongoose. Just wish I could splatter with it. Man, I just love splattering people with vehicles.

    The Mongoose, I found, is a great tool in capture the flag variants if you can organise 2 of you to race to the flag and race back. Also good for a quick movement to the other side of the map. Also loved the race variants in previous games, will be great to see these maps being made by the community in Halo 4.

      That's me! We won a CTF match in a few mins. My mate got the 5 caps and I got the flag driver medal 5 times. No deaths. Kills.. not so many. My mate picked off a few when driving and capping the flag. I got about 3 splatters.

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