Postal Worker Stole 200 Video Games, Sold Them

If you ever had a video game go missing in the mail in the Boston area, it may be because a former postal worker has pleaded guilty to stealing over 200 games from packages he was supposed to have been handling.

James L. White, 68, was in a Federal court on Tuesday facing theft charges, and his guilty plea could have him facing up to five years in jail and a fine of $US250,000.

Seems he intercepted the games throughout 2012 and instead of having them delivered, kept them for himself and sold them "to a software and video game retailer".

Former postal worker pleads guilty to stealing video games sent through the mail [The Boston Metro]


    I swear couriers are stealing my games from ozgameshop. the amount of claims i've had to put in is too damn high.

      I order from ozgame shop and never had anything go missing....knock on wood

      If you contact Australia Post, they can start an investigation for you, especially if it was a significant amount

      If it's FastWay couriers, I'd say definitely yes.

      So assuming this guy stole only 200 games (the artcle states "over 200 games"), 5 years = 5 x 365 days + 1 for leap years in 2016 = 1826 days.

      That's 9.13 days per stolen game.

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