Six Types Of Board Gamers You've Probably Had To Deal With

Six Types of Board Gamers You've Probably Had To Deal With

Just like video games have types of gamers we're likely to come across, board games totally have certain archetypes and characters we all encounter while playing. Some of these folks are pleasant and harmless to play with. And some of these people are kind of terrifying to play with.

All of these types of people keep the board game experience interesting, if you ask me, but I digress. Check out Dorkly's illustration of the types of board gamers we all know and (sometimes) love below:

Six Types of Board Gamers You've Probably Had To Deal With

Have you come across these board gamers? Hell, would you identify as any of these? Got any more types of board gamers to add? Post em in the comments!

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    Ha. I'm probably like a more subdued puppy :P

    I'm The One Who Reveals Their True Nature, except everyone who plays with me knows me well, and they all try to gang up on me before I can do so...

      Sorry man... I don't know how to break this to you... but dude... if everyone knows about it... chances are that you... you're... I'm so sorry man: But you're the alpha gamer :(

    So... does Patricia actually work? Or does she just read Dorkly all day?

      Nah man. That's just there for a breather.

      You gotta take a short break from playing Animal Crossing and Pokemon every now and then.

    I thought I was the Puppy and then realised I was the One Who Reveals Their True Nature.

      Oh yeah, that's definitely me. I look like the puppy at first but once I know how to play, I become the One Who Reveals Their True Nature.

        For me, I think the True Nature reveals itself and I remain the Puppy. "I can do this?! And that will win me the game?? Awesome!"

    This doesn't seem like a very comprehensive list. Where's the Rulemaster that constantly keeps quoting the rules, finding loop holes for themselves and generally making games less fun. Or the Cheater who moves his or your pieces when you step out, or sneaks a peak at the next card on the stack or shouts "Blitzkrieg" and upends the board before he can lose. Or the Deceiver who hides a $500 note under the board to pull out when you think you've won, or holds their cards so it looks like they have no counters later on.

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