10 Computer Glitches That Caused Mayhem And Cost Millions

I remember Y2K. You remember Y2K. Everyone remembers Y2K. But do you remember the time a California courtroom computer accidentally summoned 1200 people to jury duty, causing a huge traffic jam? Or the time Google accidentally caused browsers to read their own site as malware?

I learned a thing or two about several disastrous viruses and computer glitches thanks to this video from Alltime10s. One day the machines may rule us all, but they'll probably still make a mess of things every once and a while.


    As is usually the case for reports of "computer errors", most if not all of this list consists of human errors, one step removed by the coding process.

    It is possible for a computer to make an actual, hardware-based error; years ago I worked with a 486DX Xenix box which would occasionally and for no obvious reason twiddle the second-last bit on some characters. This would most commonly result in "z"s being converted to "x"es during processing. The infamous Pentium floating point division bug is another example (although that's also a human error once removed.)

    Almost any "computer error" you read about will be a human screwup.

      Fun Fact: The term "Bug" as it applies to computers is thought to have been popularised by an incident in which a moth got trapped in a circuit and caused it to short.

      Your 486DX Xenix hardware bug is also a human error. People made the hardware. In the words of Hal, "It can only be attributed to human error".

    Oooh, the corrupted blood incident! I had been playing when that happened!

    Good olde AllTime10's!

    It's a nice 2-3 minute time killer for weird and fascinating things! :D

    I like it how the video was on a macbook then zoomed in. I think the producers should do that on all their videos.

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