YouTuber Blasts Machinima As The ContentID Controversy Grinds On

The controversy facing YouTube and video game channels now sees this broadside, by Clash (180,000 subscribers) against his network, Machinima.

The video echoes many complaints aired by others, particularly the feeling that, since YouTube changed the rules for how multi-channel networks like Machinima handle or manage their channels, there's little reason to belong to one. Clash in particular accuses Machinima of collecting ad revenue from his videos while doing little to no management or promotion on his behalf during the two year-relationship so far.

We've asked Machinima for a reaction.


    They might have to get actual jobs, that's horrifying.

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      "Actual jobs"? I am curious to know your definition of what is "actual".

        A lot of people seem to have trouble seeing the value in being self-employed, moreso if you work from home. A lot of the time I think it's just a kind of jealousy, driven by the fact that self-employed people working from home don't have to drag themselves into the office every day (therefore it must be easy, and they must be spending most of the day goofing off in their pyjamas).

      Yes, because the 30-40+ hours people spend recording, editing, uploading isn't a "actual job". Tell me, oh mighty Job Lord, what is a actual job in this day and age?

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        Thank you!! I'm so sick of hearing from "working-class heroes" who think anything to do with computers or the internet in general is some sort of black art which doesn't constitute "actual" employment.

        I kind of agree with "srg". I'm all for obscure jobs in tech and otherwise, but it kind of reminds me how artists complain about how little spotify pays. Don't try to become a celebrity and complain that you don't when you don't have enough money to live.

        Yes, this is a different situation, but still.

          Entertainers and performers have been career jobs for centuries, I don't know what world you guys live in.

            This. Entertainers and performers have had a fairly good place in the world for centuries.

            Unfortunately for the people trying to make money, entertainment now is cheap to find. How much entertainment can you get for free online?
            More to the point, who made the content that websites are profiting from? The people who make the content don't always get the traffic for it, and their profits end up funneling over to someone else - in many cases some company already making money off tons of other streams.

            Further adding to the problem, so many sites these days are just links through to other sites that had the original article. The very nature of sharing stuff on the internet means that you get further and further away from the original author of the content, and so someone else profits off their work.
            I'm not saying that should never happen, but it's problem for content producers - especially when sites don't bother giving credit or links to the source, hide it obscurely, or just don't bother saying the content was made by someone else.

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              I don't demand that I get paid royalties to do everyones maths problems because maths has been around for years and now everyone just uses calculators/computers! How outrageous! I should be doing that for everyone and everyone has to pay me!

              There are lots of jobs that people would love to do, but accept that you (most likely) aren't going to be a millionaire or even make a living from some choices.

        Yes, the difficulty of playing video games, throwing a logo someone else made for you on the front of the recording, hitting upload and walking away. Lol. It's like being a Kardashian of the video game world.

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          I find narrow minded people like you vastly amusing. Content providers like this are going to be a serious part of the future of entertainment. I (and many people like me) already spend more time watching people like this than I do watching television.
          So stop parroting your grandfather and realise that these people are in fact entertainers and that your disapproval means exactly jack s#!t.

            Why would you watch someone else play video games? That's like watching someone else read a book.

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              It's nothing like watching someone read a book. It may be comparable to listening to someone read a book to you, and there's a huge market for that, they're called audio books.

                and they share the same intellectually-disabled fanbase, I bet.

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          If you think it's that easy to make money in content creation, you don't know very much about content creation.

          You're an idiot. I have a youtube channel but I don't only do that. It just ties into the many other projects and jobs I have. But making sure sound and video quality is solid, obtaining the right equipment and making decent content is only one part of it. Editing/encoding/uploading is another. Then approvals/licensing, legalities and promotion and another also.
          Generalizing all of youtube and assuming that everyone gets other people to make graphics for them is pretty sad and insulting. I, like many others, do everything myself and sink a fair bit of money and time in. Have some grace man =/

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            so you're mad, then?

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      Aww, don't be too mean to these kind of people (the ones that say "Get a real job"). [Extreme sarcasm]

      They're just sore that they don't have the knowledge and character to get in on the action. I can understand them, being stuck in a crappy arse job which (for the most part) they hate. It's easy to get annoyed at people who land into something they love and get paid for.

      you've missed the point - his main complaint appears to be that they're taking a large percentage of whatever money the content creators are generating, without doing anything at all to actually assist them. Also he said he'll keep doing the videos for as long as he can purely because he enjoys it, even if he's making no money at all

      Yeah. Every day I spare some time to yell at the TV, movie, stage and street performers to get an actual job instead of making a career out of entertaining others.

    Is there a "way too slow, didn't listen" version?

    This is my exact experience with machinima for the past 3 years. A useless money grubbing network that has not helped me even slightly. They told me they would help me, told me they would put me in contact with other youtubers, this never happened. Good video.

    I have to say that people who moan about how they can't make a living doing this anymore are like 21st century luddites. The system has changed, they feel threatened and so they want to rage against the machine and make things "like the good-old-days". I feel sympathy for them but the reality of the world is that just because you've made a living doing something for X many years doesn't mean you are somehow guaranteed to be able to continue doing it for as long as you want. No-one, the government, you-tube, the mining companies, Ford, Holden, etc etc are supposed to guarantee you a job for life. When things change you adapt, move on. That's how things evolve and improve for everyone.

      So the "shut up and take it" approach?

        Not if its blatantly unfair no. And in many cases it is unfair because things are bing taken down that aren't breaking any rules. But in most cases, like the luddites, the world moves on. Adapt! What's the matter don't you believe in evolution?
        The very smartest youtubers will, instead of making complaint video's and posting them on youtube, make a better youtube, redefine their monetisation strategy and ... profit!

          I wonder how much ad revenue and how much publicity he's making by posting the complaint video in the first place.

      Did you watch the video, out of curiosity? Despite what Kotaku's headline says, it actually has very little to do with the content ID change and much more to do with the fact Machinima is a terrible network that does nothing for its affiliates but take a cut of their revenue.

    Factory owners screw over workers and bank the profits, Wal mart screws over its suppliers and banks the profits. Banks charge fees for services that cost them fractions of a cent to provide. Machinima is just more of the same, its just real life.

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