The Difference Between Anime Fans And Everyone Else


    I've never seen such a nice reaction from a Japanese cartoons fan.

    The thing that just makes this perfect is definitely the Kamina glasses on the apple logo.

      And he is very buffed up too just like the characters in the story. Tengen toppa gurren lagann!

      Looks more like Cool Squirtle.

    Believe it or not, the reason this doesn't make sense to me comes from what the anime fan says. Also is there some kind of mac vs pc joke in there somewhere?

      The joke is that anime fans (and fans of anything I suppose) tend to find meanings that aren't always apparent to the average viewer. For example, Attack of Titan on the surface is about giants who eat people and the young soldiers trying to defend themselves. But depending on how you interpret it it can be a metaphor for how pathetic and weak Japan has become and the disillusionment of youth (the giants representing foreign countries/China/western companies/insert threat to Japan here).

      Of course, this is exacerbated by anime often being completely ridiculous and full of bizarre stuff, like boobs and panties and all that. (There probably isn't a hidden meaning in those ones though)

      It's not a Mac vs PC joke, the anime fan's Mac is wearing kamina glasses.

    Metaphors exist in other media as well you know.

    I've seen people use that naked metaphor for kill la kill. They try to claim the reason its so good is because it's so "deep" and an amazingly insightful when in reality they are just trying to justify watching a really bad show from its terrible plot poor animation atrocious comedy and constant nakedness for no real reason.

    Either that or they are closet echi lovers and this is all they can say they watch without feeling like perverts.

    That anime fan isn't butchering the japanese language enough to be believable.

      Panyue kun desu! You are so baka!(T_T)

      ばか です!

      good enough? >;) no but seriously; most of the people who do that are the 'weeaboos', tryhards obsessed with everything japan, practically considering it the holy land. most anime fans (or otaku's if you will), are just geeks who like japanese geek culture, usually more than western.

        Hah yeah I forgot there's different subcultures in regards to this. Not trying to offend anyone. :P

    As an anime fan, I gotta say, there is a LOT of stupid anime these days. A lot of it is just panty shots and retarted, uneven plots. Even the good ones these days tend to have a bit of that ecchi/fan service rubbish, probably because they know without it, it won't get those mass-market numbers. It's annoying, but at least they do still make some good ones from time to time.

    Obligatory link to the Anime Club, you uncultured swines -

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