The Elder Scrolls Online Has A Sick Cast

Bethesda is going all-out for this one: they just revealed the voice cast for The Elder Scrolls Online, and it's packed with acting talent from the likes of John Cleese, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Alfred Molina and more.

You can watch the video above to hear from the voice actors that will be in the upcoming MMORPG — out on April 4 for PC/Mac, and in June for PS4/Xbox One — or check out the list right here, via the Bethesda Blog:

John Cleese plays Cadwell, the cheerful and endearingly mad lost soul who is not afraid of anyone, even a Daedric Prince. Joining the cast as High King Emeric, Bill Nighy portrays a merchant prince whose luck and determination won him the throne. Kate Beckinsale takes on the role of Queen Ayrenn, the leader of the Aldmeri Dominion and Queen of the High Elves who is far more comfortable with a blade than her crown.

In addition, Alfred Molina takes on the role of Abnur Tharn, a wily old wizard and politician who is the head of the Empire's Elder Council, and the de facto power behind the Ruby Throne. Lynda Carter plays Azura, the Daedric Princess of Dusk and Dawn from Skyrim who is a popular part of Elder Scrolls lore. Michael Gambon voices The Prophet, a mysterious blind man who guides the player through their journey to retrieve their soul; and Malcolm McDowell plays the key figure Molag Bal, an evil Daedric god from another plane who schemes to enslave the mortal souls of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online cast also includes:

  • Peter Stormare ("Fargo") plays Jorunn the Skald King, an unexpected monarch who led his people into an unlikely alliance.
  • Jim Ward ("WALLE," "Despicable Me 2″) voices Mannimarco, a renegade High Elf wizard exiled from the realm for raising the dead and the world's most powerful necromancer.
  • Jennifer Hale appears in the role of Lyris Titanborn, a Nord half-giant, who, along with the Prophet, aids the player on their journey..
  • Kevin Michael Richardson rounds out the cast as Sai Sahan a noble martial artist and master swordsman.

They had me at Jennifer Hale.


    They lost me at Online :(

      I'm with ya dawg. I'll still give it a crack, but I have never ever gotten sucked into an MMO. I think it is due to the fact that anything you do has ZERO effect on the world. Kill the giant fabled beast of evilness and 2min later it has respawned and the world forgets your actions. Tons of static npc's and lifeless universe. I have no idea how people can get lost in an MMO.

        Planet Side 2 is considered an MMO and the entire map (besides base spawn) is up for dispute.

          PlanetSide 2 is a maelstrom of gunfire, explosions, and awesome.

        I just dont have the time/ cash

      World of Warcraft and just to rebuttal myself, The old republic :(

    Is there a full cast list?

    I want to know if Jim Cummings is back to play pretty much everyone

    Swtor had heaps of voice acting too. See how that turned out.

    Wow, people in the 21st century use "sick" to mean "good"?

      lol. I know. At least it wasn't titled "Fully sick, sub woofer and a laza light display".

      On another note, very impressed with the actors they have on board, but despite being a Elder fan, I just can't bring myself to pay a monthly subscription for what essentially I'd only play casually.

    Yeah, I knew that was Cleese in the beta. Still won't make the game good though.

    I love how they are moving to fully voiced characters. It make the game more immersive, well for me anyway. I dread reading text boxes now, when I need to read a text box I now scroll to the bottom to find out what I need to do, I never did that before the introduction of voice actors telling me the story. A good cast can bring a story to life.

    Let us not forget that Fable 3 had an all-star cast as well.

    Look at how THAT turned out.

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