The Hearthstone Open Beta Is Live

The Hearthstone open beta is live.If you'd like to take Blizzard's new card game out for a spin, now's your chance — download the free open beta here, and find more info here.


    I think this is North America (IP-based) only. Blizzard have said the other regions should follow in the next few days.

      It uses the same regions as Diablo 3, so Oceania counts as North America.

        I've seen some tweets from Australians saying they can't get in at the moment. I was unsure, and since i'm already in, I can't test it. Feel free to prove me wrong :D

          i cant get in either but i was in closed beta i think its just dodgy atm

    Just a heads up, this is North America only.

    Good news though! Blizzard thinks that we're in North America, so if you're keen you should go ahead and try it.

    I got into the beta in the last wave of private invites. Did not enjoy it. Having grown up playing Magic: the Gathering and now trying to get into Android: Netrunner, the gameplay is just too simplistic. It's all about big stompy creatures and destroying your opponent's big stompy creatures.

    Okay, that was over-simplifying a simple game.

    I was very excited when this was announced but it just doesn't scratch the CCG itch for me. People looking for something with more depth should look elsewhere. People looking for something fairly simple, light and casual (and I don't mean that in the "filthy casual, go home" but in the "pick up and play for a bit" sense) should definitely give it a go.

      Yep, i've been in for a couple of months now, and it is absolutely designed as a game just to be 'played for a bit'. You get a daily quest worth 40-100 gold which can be completed in about 30 minutes, and the time to reward ratio goes way down beyond that daily quest. It is not as complex as most CCG's, especially Magic, and it does not try to be.

      I will refute the big stompy creatures point though :P

      The game is new, and the meta is shifting on a weekly (at max) basis. A couple of weeks ago you would be laughed at for having a card with a mana cost higher than 5, now the game is a little slower due to recent changes.

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      My thoughts exactly. It's a game I have on my second monitor and only look at when it's my turn while I watch TV.

      +1000 for Android: Netrunner. There's a growing community on Facebook, both at state and national levels, as well as Don't suppose you're in WA are you?

        Hi i am very interested in netrunner! have never played it! just used to play MTG, am also in WA

    I've had this game installed for awhile now from a beta key, I am yet to play it :/

    Got into the closed Beta, really enjoying it!

    Love it. Hopefully the open beta will bring in new blood that won't all play the same deck.

      Yeah. New blood I can roflstomp in the short-term. Uhh, I mean... help learn the ropes.

        Time for some Arena runs.

          The current meta hunter deck that every man and his dog are running is annoying me. I've a nice warrior deck I made myself that just can't keep up, so I have to play priest to win matches.

          It's annoying because my warrior deck is more fun to play.

            I spend more time playing my gimmick decks anyway so I'm not too involved in the meta. Mostly casual mode for me until I make a gimmick deck that works well and I'll go rank up a couple of times.

    I've been playing for about a month and I'm loving it. I've played a fair bit of Magic (online and off) and this is much better suited to online play. It's pretty deep when you get into it.

    Yeah I have played a bit of magic too and ive been involved with the beta too.

    I like it. It is no where near as deep as magic but your strategy can still be deep depending on how you make your decks.

    Definitely a market for this and I like the way the incorporate mmo terms and mechanics into the game.

    Got an invite to the closed beta in early December. I saw the email from Blizzard and got a rush as a thought it was an invite to the Heroes of the Storm beta, and then reality set in. It definitely killed my buzz. Have yet to play it, just don't think it'd be my thing. Just waiting on more people to get keys to Strife so matchmaking doesn't take 20 minutes.

    Hearthstone is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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