While You Were Sleeping

The long weekend is in sight. It's right there in the distance! Come on! Daddy needs some bbq'd sausages! (Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.)

Okay first things first. Pixar is going to make a Star Wars movie? What the hell. I think this is a good thing but, on the other hand, Pixar has actually kinda become mediocre recently. Frozen kicks the holy hell out of anything Pixar has done since Toy Story 3.

Still, I'd be keen as mustard for this.

We've talked a lot about Nintendo's woes here at Kotaku. Now the whole issue has made it to Jimmy Fallon. Incredible. I'm kinda looking forward to Nintendo making another console that sells millions upon millions so I don't have to read another article about how to 'fix Nintendo'.

Hey, this OlliOlli game is apparently quite slick. I have a copy, just haven't gotten round to playing it yet. Go back in time to the 90s with Pokemon and I've basically added this story based on its headline alone: You Don't Want To Live Next To China's Bacon Apartment.

In Short Own A Vita? Go Play OlliOlli Right Now Let's Take A Trip Back To The 90s With Pokemon Report: Pixar Will Make A Star Wars Movie Jimmy Fallon Makes Fun Of Nintendo's Money Troubles You Don't Want To Live Next To China's Bacon Apartment


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