10 Things You Might Not Know About South Park

South Park: Stick of Truth doesn't come out until next month — why not take a moment to learn some trivia about the show in the meantime?

Alltime10s compiled a list of neat facts about the show, including where Kenny comes from and even that the church of Scientology tried to uncover dirty details about Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Worth a watch, if you're a fan of the show.

10 Things You Didn't Know About South Park [Alltime10s]


    Again? Really? Is it that hard to type up the 10 things?

      That would of course require more than simply linking to someone else's work, which is something that some editors just will not do.

      I should have known this would be a just a video link.

    clicked the link knowing exactly what I would find, still facepalmed -_-
    Get your shit together "journalists", this is not an article, this is a link. (no disrespect toward those who put forward interesting reads on a regular basis)

    How do they justify paying her a salary??!

      I've seen her write long and occasionally interesting articles but they're few and far between

        No no, you've seen her write long tumblr posts about feminism and the trans community in games that she accidentally sent to kotaku.

    10. Kenny is based on a childhood friend of creator Trey Parker who'd skip school, leading to stories he'd died. Cartman's slutty mom is named Liane after Parker's cheating ex-fiancee.

    9. The pilot episode took 3 months to make, using stop motion animation & paper cut-outs. All shows since have been computer animated & today an episode takes 6 days to make.

    8. After the show mocked Scientology, the church investigated Stone & Parker's private lives. They hoped to find secrets & silence the pair but found nothing.

    7. An early version of South Park was made in 1995. The short-film was made as a video Christmas card for a Fox TV exec & featured Jesus fighting Santa.

    6. A mutated gene can cause some adult fruit flies to die within two days. The gene was named 'Kenny' in honor of the character's high death ratio.

    5. To get him to flush the toilet as a kid, Trey Parker's dad told him that if he didn't... ... The poop would come to life & kill him. This was the basis of Mr. Hankey.

    4. Parker & Stone attended the 2000 Oscars in dresses & high on Acid. Their song 'Blame Canada' from the South Park film lost out to Phil Collins for best song.

    3. George Clooney made a cameo as Sparky the gay dog & recorded a series of barks for the role. Jay Leno once played a cat, but Jerry Seinfeld refused to be a turkey.

    2. South Park mocked Family Guy in the episode 'Cartoon Wars'. To say thanks... ...The Simpson's staff sent them flowers & King of The Hill said they were 'Doing God's work'.

    1. Parker & Stone got death threats in 2010 after showing the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. A later episode with Muhammad was censored - the uncut version remains unavailable.

    God what a shitty video too...

    I must admit, I've found a weakness for at least one "Top 10" channel on youtube who create high quality videos with a good sense of humour to them.

    But the "trivia" was barely a sentence long in most cases, with just barely relevant stock footage being shown in the background. How does a video about south park trivia have no south park footage?

      Legal reasons?

        Should be covered under fair use, it's a top 10 lists of such should be covered under review statutes.

        Maybe not if the video is made in the States.

        Either way, no laws against grabbing a mic and actually recording someone saying the trivia.

    To those who haven’t watched the video, you didn’t miss out on much. Just a bunch of things that inspired certain characters or names on the show and George Clooney did the bark for the gay dog.

    And I took time out of watching the Katie Upton zero gravity video (for the 100th time) for this!! smh

    I did find it hilarious that they showed up at the Oscars high as a kite though, haha.

    God dammit, not again.

    every time there is an article like this I have to bookmark it and watch it later and that's if I even remember to watch it. 80% of my bookmarts are giz/kot articles that are just linked to videos.


      Seriously, skip this one. I'm not the rabid haters most are, but this one wasn't worth the effort.

    I clicked on this article thinking that there was going to be the 10 thing written down, because I can't be stuffed spending however long watching videos.
    I was sadly disappointed.

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