Atlus (The Company) Is Back From The Dead

Atlus (The Company) Is Back from the Dead

Last year, there was concern about Atlus. Its parent company, Index Corporation, was in a pickle, and the Atlus brand ended up in Sega's hands. But Atlus is no longer simply a brand. Atlus is back!

As a company, Atlus ceased to exist as a registered corporation in Japan a few years back. On paper, Atlus existed as "Index Corporation". Even though "Atlus" was only a brand in Japan, its game developers continued to proudly carry the Atlus banner, creating brilliant games.

However, starting April 1, Atlus will once again be a registered company in Japan. In an official release, Sega announced it was dividing its consolidated subsidiary into two entities: a solutions company named Index and a game company named Atlus. Both will be fully owned by Sega.

April 1 is when the financial year begins in Japan. This is not a joke.

This latest decision shows that Sega isn't only serious about Atlus as a brand, but also serious about Atlus as a company.

2014年4月1日付で、株式会社アトラスとして [Atlus_jp] 連結子会社の会社分割(新設分割)及び商号変更に関するお知らせ [Sega]


    I really hope that Atlus can utilize Sega's European publishing so we can get future Atlus games at the same time as the U.S.

    Sega going all out recently, has there been a change in leadership?

    I see this as a good thing, SEGA has recently started pumping out high quality pc ports (surprisingly bug free for a Japan based dev) of many types of games that would normally never see a pc release. I can only hope that this will continue with atlas titles now that they own them.

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