Basically Team Fortress 2 With Extra Gore And Better Guns

When I first glanced at Loadout I mistakenly thought it was a Team Fortress 2 clone. (I'm sorry for judging you by your looks.) It's similar in that they're both team based arena shooters, but there's a key difference: you get to make your own guns.

You can be creative with them, too. There's no need to create a dull rifle when you could create something beautiful and unique like a triple-barrelled rocket launcher that's capable of shooting bouncy rockets everywhere. The gore is just as over the top — I mean, you get people running around without heads. Their eyes and brain just float in mid-air as they shoot at you, it's ridiculous. It's the kind of ridiculous I can get behind.

Loadout is available now and is free to play.


    I played this last night, and was surprised by the level of polish in the animations and artwork. Really cool, awesome freedom of movement, fun weapons, and the best taunts.
    Was primed to think it was a big Meh, but had a blast.

    Was hilarious when my torso got blown off and the game let me keep running around without it for a few seconds before sagging to the ground.

      I'm happy to endorse any game that features fat lady bottom wiggling.

    Watch Angry Joe's Helgas video... It cannot be unseen.

    It's a fantastic game and I love it.

    Get a lovely ping off my mobile hotspot (recently moved, inbetween ISPs) for it. =D

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