Does Your Insurance Cover Street Fighter Characters?

Does Your Insurance Cover Street Fighter Characters?

I’ll tell you what. When I park my car, the thing I fear most isn’t theft, careless drives or hazardous weather. It’s Ryu.

Courtesy of Kotaku reader Kazegami_1, this commercial for Anadolu Sigorta, one of Turkey’s largest insurance companies, shows the iconic fighting game character making quick work of a sedan in a real-life bonus stage.

Kaskosuz Sürücüye Aduket Şoku [Anadolu Sigorta@YouTube Thanks, Kazegami_1!]


  • Dunno why the newer Street Fighter games got rid of these bonus levels, I always found them fun. Also the “Test your might” mini-game in MK.

    • Or at the very least add them as a time trial between friends for when you’re bored or waiting for matchmaking.

    • What about Art of Fighting? Chopping all the bottle heads off in one go.

      Or Art of Fighting 2? Beating up all the punks in the time limit to gain extra life; knocking down the apple tree to gain extra chi; or successfully doing the super moves enough times to gain the super move.

      Yeah, I miss bonus levels too…

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