Everything Interesting About World Of Warcraft's First 10 Years

Has it really been that long? World of Warcraft first went live in November 2004, quickly becoming one of the biggest, most recognised MMORPG games in the world. Danielle "Panser" Mackey walks us through everything that's happened since then.

OF course if you've been playing World of Warcraft for the past decade, plenty more has happened to you, like the first time you took down Onyxia, when you finally maxxed your fishing skill, or that time you caught those people having cybersex in the Deeprun Tram tunnel (sorry).

But for the millions of people who never got on the bandwagon, you folks are scary, and this is what happened.


    This game. This fucking game. So many fond memories but in the end it was like an ex-girlfriend you kept going back to that got looser and looser.

    December 8, 2009 - The day World of Warcraft died
    December 7, 2010 - The day Off-Topic Forums died

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    I have so many videos on my youtube channel of my old raiding days back in WOTLK with my favourite guild. So many memories. I wish it never changed D:
    I can't stand how casual and anti-social it is now.

    I'm sure Patricia will think me quite the sexist.. But an attractive girl wearing a "locked chest" emblem across her.. chest.. Good lawd. <3

    I loved the fact that when i used to play, i fecking well EARNED my mount, i walked through deadly zones to unlock flight path points, i had to make and keep track of my own poisons and ammunition, and most of all, My Tauran could plainsrun! Hes a big cow, he shouldnt be riding a BIGGER cow!

      Plainsrunning was never in the launch game, it only existed for the last 3 months of beta and was removed. Mounts and flight paths were never difficult either.

        Unless you made it from Ironforge to Southshore on foot and forgot to grab the FP's in between...

          We did Tirisfal to Elwynn as part of a level one undead 'zombie apocalypse' attack on Goldshire early in vanilla, heaps of fun. As long as you stick to the roads you're pretty safe, we only lost 4 or 5 out of the 60 we brought along.


    I was kind of expecting a lore-recap that kind of summed up the various plots and storylines that have appeared.

    I remember running from Ironforge to just outside Scarlet Monistary to get a pet bat... must have died a gazzillion times...

    buying all the cloth to make netherweave bags, every single day, every single stack for WEEKS, had people asking me for the cloth...

    drunk raiding in WOLK with my mage... always had a few drinks before raiding...
    my mate still owes me 90 gold for his first mount lol

    omg i remember that video!
    because of the thing with the remote...

    God the nostalgia in this video :( So many fantastic experiences in this game. Makes me think of all these awesome memories just hanging out with friends, talking shit in chat, leveling and raiding, then leveling and raiding some more... Having just quit before Pandaria came out, I sort of wish i had of kept playing, however my friends stopped, hence the reason i stopped! I'll never forget when i first played this game. I was hooked... Such fantastic memories!

    Going from a noob to a casual player to a hard core player, then back to casual. Quitting then going back, quitting for good, then go back. Many guilds i joined with different characters. The many people i met in game and in real life. Many jokes you had in game, you know you play too much WoW when your microwave goes ding and you say grats or so i said to the guy, Nice tier 3 gear, only problem is you cant wear cloth, you're a hunter. Saying to myself i'll jump on for a hour and then say who am i kidding, at least 3-4 hrs. Marathon raiding that would start at 5 pm and end at 4 am. Only to sleep for 4-5 hrs and do it again.

    Having that main character you were so proud of as you worked so hard on. Doing the Hard yards to get that mount or gear and feeling yeah i earned that. Yeah WoW certainly does hold a special place with me that no-one unless you were a WoW player would understand.

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      All of the this, that is pretty much how I sum up my experience with WoW. I will likely find myself resubbing for warlords even though I have barely played in a year. Cenarius was my home back in vanilla. I was there back in the days of afterlife and dawn eternal. I was online when Biny destroyed the Ironforge AH with a geddon bomb. My priest has a fair share of deaths racked up to Xalhadrin and Pew toting Tier 2/3 raid gear. I remember wall walking, entering the AQ area of the map before stuff existed there, bumming around the top level of Orgrimmar by climbing up the left cliff face in durotar, raiding Strat/Scholo and countless other events that I look back on fondly, even if I can't say I am overly fond of the game anymore.

        I'll be there for WoD, for sure (on Wyrmrest Accord). Been playing since original beta almost non-stop except for a few months break here and there. Definitely a lot of good memories, and still making good memories even now.

        You haven't done this nexi, but I'm going to tack this rant on the end anyway: I get that some people burn out on the game and quit, but I never understood why they become so self-absorbed and bitter that they actively want to badmouth the game and try to convince other people not to like it at every opportunity, and wish for the game to fail. Just let people enjoy what they enjoy and stop trying to bring everyone else down with you.

          Yeh some people definitely fall into that last category. I will often find myself, comically at least, saying to people considering picking up WoW that "Nooooooo don't do that to your social life" but I can't in good conscience say too many bad things about the game itself.

          It isn't really about the game for me anymore however, more the social interaction and hanging out with friends and that is where I find my enjoyment. After playing more or less since release I can say that the game is getting a bit stale (though the questing in MoP was surprisingly enjoyable) but if you don't have 8+ years of history with the game then by all means pick it up, there is a ton of fun to be had.

    I played on and off (mostly on) since release, and I will say that my fondest memories of the game are from vanilla. One of the first on the server with the hunter epic bow AND one of the first on the server with the priest epic staff (all of which I still have on those characters). Raiding 40 man through Molten Core (aka Molten Bore), Blackwing Lair, Ony, AQ40 and Naxx40 with one of the top end raiding guilds... visiting an RP server when Blackrock was down and laughing at cybersex in the inn in Goldshire and in the Deeprun Tram. Actually playing the game when the Leeroy Jenkins and Onyxia "more dots" videos came out and went viral, because we actually KNEW what they meant. Requiring attunement quests to be done in order to attend raids.

    The only thing that really grabbed me after that was the quest line (that was later taken out, much to my disappointment) in Dragonblight, WOTLK. The one that ended in the epic attack on the Undercity.

    While my intention is not to completely bash the game or any such, I do find it sad that all my best memories of the game are now long left behind in a string of unmemorable expansions and content that seems to have progressively become easier and easier, catering to the masses. I find myself wondering if it is good business sense, considering the subscriber base has, until recently, been steadily falling away.

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