It Takes A Brave Person To Work Behind This Game Store Counter

It Takes A Brave Person To Work Behind This Game Store Counter

And it takes a braver one to walk up to it and buy something.

Note: Some readers might find the content of this article objectionable.

Japanese store Game Shop Seagull Izumi Bypass shop is somewhat infamous for its in-store promotions. Below is a recent in-store display for adults-only PC game Happy Maher Fragmentation Dream.

Yikes! That’s…some counter. It’s not uncommon for game shops, especially ones that trade in adult PC games, to go all out for in store displays. Game Shop Seagull certainly doesn’t hold back

And courtesy of Insidears, who calls the shop’s register “way too risky,” here are some pics of past displays at Game Shop Seagull:

とあるゲームショップのレジがヤバすぎるwwwwwwww [Insidears]

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  • And courtesy of Insidears, who calls the shop’s register “way too risky,”

    I don’t want to be the gazillionth person to comment on Bashcraft’s increasingly tenuous grasp on English but… he did mean to say ‘risqué’ right?

  • Not the worst I’ve seen, Area 52 in Tasmania is pretty shocking if you go out back into the games room, it’s basically an orgy den for 40 year man-children, filled with hentai posters and no windows in sight. Took a girl I knew in there once to see how they’d react, we both just left immediately after that and I’d never go back in there.

    Bad things happen back there.

    • Really? I’ve stuck my head in there once every couple of months for the last ten years and I’ve never seen any of that, it’s no worse than any other tabletop/board/video games/comic book store.

    • I stayed in Hobart for 6 weeks a couple years ago and played Friday Night Magic there a few nights and it’s not that bad as tabletop/card gaming stores go. That back room is tiny and fits a max dozen people, half of whom are schoolkids, the rest are just run-of-the-mill nerds. Also, not sure about the hentai posters, it’s not like “Good Game” in Sydney, people just play Warhammer/MTG.

  • To be fair, I’m pretty sure everyone else in the place would be just as into this stuff, so it wouldn’t be that embarrassing. Not like if this was sitting alongside the local Starbucks branch or something.

  • Maybe this is a sign of how far I’ve slipped, but this doesn’t seem too bad? I mean they’re basically just lining the counter with the same two posters, and although edgy, none of them are completely X-Rated. To me it just seems like poorly-inspired, lazy advertising. It’s also contextual – if minors are buying games from this shop then I can see why it would be objectionable.

  • It also take a “brave”(?) person to actively seek out a bunch of pictures from said shop and write an article about it.

  • Hell, I’d go in there for the lulz. It’s not as if I’d meet anyone from here that I’d know. I’d much prefer to go into the shop, where there’s real PC games.

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