Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: The Platform Comparison Videos

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: The Platform Comparison Videos

Screenshots not doing it for you? Here, watch this video that might help you decide which of the four versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes looks better.

Some will will no doubt crawl over every pixel scouring for proof of console supremacy, coal for the fires of their eternal message board struggle, but my first take as a normal human being was, damn, that's a very good-looking game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

My second thought was, hrm, you're not getting much more bang for your buck on a next-gen console considering those editions cost up to $US20 more than the last-gen versions.

UPDATE: Now with more reliable YouTube version.


    Can we all just agree that PS4 looks the best? Or do some Microsoft fanboys need to chime in?

      Yes. Xbox One looks so similar to Xbox 360 :P

    Will not buy. I seriously don't give a crap about all the 720p upscaled vs native 1080p dickswinging at the moment, but in what way is the Xbox One version above NOT a direct port of the previous gen version?

      Well that's basically what cross gen is at the moment. Take a game developed for last gen and give it a texture and object increase.
      Often the videos and screenshots don't have the quality to properly show the differences as well

    The Point isn't "Bang for Buck," though its a freakin' great side effect!

    It's about a developer using experience and hitting all the right points about making a game; accessibility for owners of different consoles, providing the same great experience across these different platforms, as well as securing the profitability for the IP by exploiting the wide user base. Hard work and Everyone wins. I'm tempted to buy the ps3 version over ps4 just to see how well it was done on an 8 year old machine.

    Wow. Xbone looks the same as X360, just running at 60fps, but PS4 actually looks better than all.

    there was no direct comparison between the playstation and the xbone.

    PS4 version will always look better and run smoother, because its more powerful, its that simple.

    The only way a game can perform better on the xbone is if the developers, for some god aweful reason decide to make the PS4 version crappier then the xbone version.

    PS3 version for me!

    I wish this would just get a damn PC release...

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