More Videos Need To Be Like Akira And Video Games

More Videos Need To Be Like Akira And Video Games

This is the video for In The Middle Of The Nite, by DJ and producer RipTide. It's a catchy track, in that '80s flashback kinda way, but we're here for the clip.

A collaboration between illustrator Stefan Glerum and animation studio Crooked Line, it's taking inspiration from Akira, video games and even a touch of Wacky Racers.

Warning: there are some boobs in this. And boob cannons.


    If anyone likes this sort of thing or is looking for a newer version of wacky racers, look up Redline.


      Which 'Redline'?
      There's Redline (1999) a FPS/Driving game.
      Redline (2006) a racer on MacOS.
      The there's 'Street Legal: Redline Racing' which is an awesome concept, and after getting patched is still buggy but certainly playable...

      But none of those games seem to look anything like Wacky Racers...

    I thought the vid was cool right up until the 2:30 mark.
    (I also dug the 'superclean' animation aesthetic it was going for too)

    The 'Redline' (2009) which you, with all your citations, failed to know about.

    Boob cannons and *ahem* (rhymes with Lamia) tyres! Still, they don't have a patch on Tank Girl's rocket breasts

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