Try To Survive A Game Made Out Of Glitches

Try To Survive A Game Made Out Of Glitches

Ridiculous Glitching seeks to answer the age old question: what happens when you go beyond the kill screen in Pac-Man? What lies beyond in the infinite void of data? One hard-arse game, that’s what.

Made as part of bot Flappy Jam and Candy Jam, Ridiculous Glitching is difficult game, both to play and to look at. You can download or play it for free here, but a word of warning — this is a game engineered to piss you off and give you a headache.

Ridiculous Glitching via Rami Ismail

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  • I don’t get it. Flappy bird caught lots of flack from Kotaku for its almost-borrowed art assets, simple mechanics and unforgiving difficulty… but this doesn’t? I guess that if it doesn’t get to iTunes #1 it doesn’t deserve hate?

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