Underground Farm Is Ready For Apocalyptic Salads

Underground Farm Is Ready For Apocalyptic Salads

There's a company in London that, deep underground in old abandoned tunnels, is growing fresh food. Imagine Metro 2033, then, only with fresh lettuce.

Fast Company say that the company, Zero Carbon Food, has 2.5 acres of space 30m underneath the Underground's Northern Line, where they grow pea shoots, rocket, broccoli, mustard leaf and basil.

It's hard picking out the best part of all this. The use of space is neat, but growing the food underground also means there's no pests flying around, meaning they don't need to use chemicals on the produce.

The next time you see some post-apocalyptic media, and everyone's fighting over old soup cans, remember that a fresh salad is way better for you.

There Is A Huge Underground Farm Hiding 100 Feet Beneath London's Streets [Fast Co]


    haha yeah "Salads"

      haha yes, I know I would want a setup like this in an apocalyptic future... I would feed my "salads" to cows and get high on burgers.

    This story is complete click-bait! I was looking for apocalyptic salads and all I got was some story about what we'll be eating in the aftermath of the aforementioned salad.

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