Video Games Are Now One. We Can All Go Home Now.

Video Games Are Now One. We Can All Go Home Now.

Box art for the PVP Station Light 3000, a cheap Chinese knock-off console. [technabob]


    I... I kinda want one!

    I've always wanted to pick up one of these knock off consoles for a laugh.

      I imagine it's along the same lines as those knockoff iPhones; utter shit. A joke sure, but a waste of money that'll sit on a shelf and never be touched again.

      Or, you could gift it to someone as a joke.

    Damn, just when I got the PVP Station Light 2000, they release the 3000!

      Ever played the Mintendo Game Cast 7200? It was released by Sorny via Magnetbox. Great handheld. I remember playing Super Mario twins, Megahuman and Samus 3000.

    I love how the font completely changes with each word.


    Two click through links to find the original content, not that much work to research and write an article with more than a single picture and sentence.

    Plunkett strikes again.

      Judging by the quality of the writing on the box, could it be considered self promotion?

    You'd be better of getting a JXD S7800, it's a quad core android with dual analogue sticks, it can emulate nearly all consoles prior to x360 and ps3 and it's about the same price

      I saw an earlier model in a shop in Denden Town in Osaka. I was that close to buying it, but I said to myself that I didn't need another electronic gadget that would just gather dust in the corner...

        Same reason why I haven't bought one.
        If I didn't already have a vita, 3ds and android phone with a clip on gamepad it would be on the top of my wish list.

    Just another device for Ashens to review.

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