You Should Pay Closer Attention To A Video Game's Opening Credits

You Should Pay Closer Attention To A Video Game's Opening Credits

In case you ever wanted to know more about how a video game title sequence was put together, here's a great interview with the three folks most responsible for The Last Of Us' gross intro.

You might think that all those swooshing cells and infection (see below) was done on a computer, but nope. Those are practical effects, achieved by sticking a camera very close to a wide range of liquids and resins.

The full interview over at Art of the Title is fascinating. Even if you're not into effects work, it boggles the mind to see just how much time, work and effort was put into a clip that runs for just over a minute and that most people will only ever see once.

It paid off though; the game's title sequence has been nominated for a gong at SXSW's Title Design Awards, and is the only video game to make the grade.

The Last of Us [The Art Of The Title]


    I always watch title sequence. It is best part of the entire game.

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      I wouldn't say it's the best part of the game by a long stretch, but I do love that music.

        It pumps me up for the game. Especially JRPGs like Tales, their title sequence is so bloody awesome it makes my blood boil.

    this is great, and reminiscent of the effects Darren Aronovsky used in the film The Fountain - worth watching if only for the interesting colour palette and fantastic macro photography space shots

    why are you describing the title sequence as gross? i think it's almost beautiful.

      maybe he meant grouse but he's from canberra and they don't use grouse so i don't know.

      It's beautiful, but at the same time if you're going into it knowing that it's basically representing the fungus that will turn people into a clicker...then yeah, it's gross as well.

    There was nothing gross about that. If you want gross, go watch Deus Ex:HR's intro with it's internal X-Rays and blood (Not that I find it gross, it's just more what you'd think is gross out material). I've avoided Last Of Us, but I like this intro. Looks exactly like the kind of intro you'd see for a movie about fungal zombies.

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